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  1. Feeling mad because of acne but you cant blame anyone for it not even yourself even though you do try to take care of it but there is no cure? Bottled up anger making you more and more frustrated every single day? I am the one to blame, so just let it all out, give me your best shot. sincerely, Your Acne.
  2. Paris Hilton this Paris Hilton that... You know whos hott and pretty too? Nicole Richie ohhh yeaa
  3. what does this medication do for the face? When you swet a lot on ur face can that cause acne?
  4. Let this thread one day be a sticky. This will give a sense of how many people at different ages have acne.
  5. your wrong... when you sleep your brain works at its highest. and when your dream its just your brain trying to make sense of your thoughts from the memories or the day before etc...so yea i guess you guys get these dreams a lot because acne goes wherever you go so yea. . . pretty acne is one thing for dream about. I just watch TV then just fall asleep lol. ez
  6. hahaa mischief ur funny when you were like noooo. its like your life was over Lol yea this one time when i was eating Pho i slurped one of the noodles and it flapped right onto my cheek. and when you eat spaghetti a lot doesn't it make you gain weight a lot?
  7. wtf? are you guys on crack or what?? | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Your dream is for that? A better dream is to have a cure for acne and scars. . . That way you won't have to change a thing. . . c'mon now.
  8. hey so when you use accutane and then after about 7 months after the course ur acne still comes back and it could be worse? or is that only for some people? because i heard accutane makes you acne free for life right? for most people?
  9. I have a air conditioner in my room, and I go out at night around 7pm or so. when you go outside dooes your body and face get this wierd hot intense feeling? like needles poking you? try this, set up a chair outside and just try to forget everything and let your face and body swet then it will cool you down. and then u will get used to the sun and heat and it wont bother u as much anymore.
  10. Yo rommie that song has some parts in it that reminds of me of Christina Aguilera the beautiful song or something like that. and um those sorta songs are wierd...yuk. have u seen their pics? they are those rock and roll guys. eww. how old are you? you must be like 30?
  11. wow that is truly an amazing sad story, i duno if its the sad music playing on the background having effect on this but i think it does. now ur friend is hittin on her, ur jealous, mad, sad, depressed...The brain can only handle so much. 1st advice: Only time can heal. 2nd advice: Read my thread--An RuOk Moment -1- Peace Craving for love? for now, just dream my friend, dream and dream, and one day, that dream might just come true.
  12. first when you inhale u do this hold it in for 10 seconds then and let it allll out, repeat this and u get this -oh shit is that my mom comin? Mom: me: huh what? Back to dont tell mommy :shh:
  13. thats right tracy take a biiiig puffff. Seriously i quit that shite. I will probably do it once in awhile like at partys and shite, thats when i usually did it anyways, when there iar lots of poeple. so get hiiiiiiiiiigggh DONT DO CRACK! OR ANY OTHER STUFF! you will probably end up in the streets somewhere ya know?