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  1. Cheers for the replys. Yeh, I am doing all the proper stuff in the gym but have a very high metabloism so have to eat a lot. I want to know what I can eat a lot of which wont break me out
  2. Hey guys, I need to put on some weight as I am really skinny, and by putting on weight its so I can convert it to muscle etc in the gym! At the moment I am eating really healthfully to try and stop acne ( not really happening ) but this is just making me more skinny What can I eat that will get me bigger, but not break me out? Cheers Dipo
  3. No, get your face in the sun. Its SOOOO good for your skin, cured mine when on hoilday, now im back in england and its bad again
  4. Hey, Think im going to try some zinc tablets. Where would you recommend online and how much mg would you take a day? Thanks Dipo
  5. What can I have as a snack? Im starving I was so tempted to rip open a packet of crisps
  6. Here is what it is like now. Bump gone down but redness still there. Currently taking 30mg zinc a day. Tbh, it is looking better, but is still noticable. I dont really want to go to a derm so homeremidies will be much better. Been here for over 2 months now
  7. Going to prick it with a in now :S How do you find a dermotoligiast? I dont know of any near me!
  8. My family tbh eats pretty badly so there is alot of bad stuff that is tempting, thats what i think got me to have Acne. At the moment I have skinned a carrot and am munching on that. In my fridge I have nothing healthy Oh god
  9. What can I have as a snack now? Thats my biggest problem, I HAVE to snack, and i dont know wtf to eat.
  10. Ok, its just quite worrying as its been there for ages. I will try the honey thing. Any other home remides?
  11. how they remove it? can i just wait it out some more? and eventually it will go?
  12. So, basically avoid any sugars exept fruit.