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  1. 'Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift-that's why they call it the present."
  2. I could relate to your example with your hair. When i hav acne i would do so much to "fix" it. I would even try concealing it with anything! Baby powder... and even once my moms skin balance thingos..(some makeup?). The more i worked on it the worse it got... thats when u get the feeling of just giving up everything...life..purpose.. and so on. I didnt really read through it all..but thats what i got.
  3. Once in the morning and once at night is best. More importantly is the cleansers you are using. Some people need strong ones...some need lighter ones. Some like me just use water. As long as your face doesnt feel like an overstretched rubberband, then it should be fine. Its winter now in Australia and more than 5 mins in a hot shower will dry my skin really bad. Guess just try to balance it..after sports maybe just splash your face.
  4. My experience is that they always come back. But this is probably much safer than pricking them out, so get it if you do prick blackheads.
  5. Yes explain to her, she will understand. And explaining and apologising are different things. Your friend might be so glad that youre back to who you are that she doesnt even care abt the whole story or abt gettin an apology.
  6. "you are your own worst enemy" basicly. Its easy to say, but hard to do. But do put in an effort to focus outwards and not on yourself.
  7. haha so true! My bathroom has this soft, dim, blue light coming through the window. Makes my skin look so perfect. A pretty goodvconfidence boost though, eventhough its all lies.
  8. Very well said shanio. Its less the real outcome but the "feel good" feeling from accepting. If you accept that your acne WILL go away...then it really would. Whatever the case choosing to accept it would help you psychologically which is after all the only problem acne causes, psychological distress (or wteva ).
  9. Im lucky that my skin cleared up... but still have some bad scars on my cheek. Ive accepted that my skin will never be perfect of smooth. Accepting acne is different though. I wouldnt accept having it for life, but accept the fact that it will go away eventually.
  10. I have an asymmetric jaw which means sometimes (at certain angles) i look disfigured. Apparently no one else sees it though...but me. When i see my photos it crushes my self-esteem, so i made it a thing not 2 see myself in photos. Sometimes they turn out good though so... and joining in with my friends in group photos makes a good laugh, so i dont avoid that (I just avoid seein the pics)
  11. Yep this is not unusual. Something similar happened to me too...just not in your shoes but in your friends. Things got bad when i went out with someone my best friend liked...and socially and acedemically he saw me as ahead of the game... or whatever you would like to call it. Kinda childish though..it was a few years ago..but after then everything he does seemed to be so competitive.. Like for example he would not introduce me to his new friends or not invite me to when he goes out with them
  12. Haha, dw about it. You might feel like this today but with your relaxed attitude things will calm down again 4 sure. Dont u worry about others. As long as you feel that ure doing the right thing...let others do what they want. A jerk that pisses you off has done his job, thats not what u want. U win when you come off still positive after an encounter with a jerk. Its all about you and how you take it so lighten up. You mentioned good personality..so develop a strong positive one. Jerks like
  13. The song fits so well with what you said! And so true too.. we are all blessed with a body .. beautiful creation by god... and many of us take it for granted. "all your future is is every current moment that passes". Brilliant!