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  1. I'm wondering how she diagnosed you with hormonal acne? What are the signs of hormonal acne? I started to suspect my acne is hormonal as it doesn't really respond in long term to topical treatments or any other over the counter prescription.
  2. I'd be careful with Benzoyl Peroxide, generally I'm against such harsh topical medicaments but some people report good results. My suggestions is - shower twice a day, one in the morning and one time after training or before bed in the off-days. Sweat seems to have impact on my bacne/shoulders acne, it cloge pores and could be a culprit for the heat rashes. Also - sleep with a t-shirt which you change daily. Also definitely try Zin (30-50mg) and Vit C.
  3. Yankulov

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    Me, my friends, and the world :)
  4. Actually girls like boys who don't feel week and hopeless because of their acne. So YES if you care about your acne there is a big chance girls will care too If you don't care about your acne the will not too.
  5. Okay, I want to share this quick message so I will not bother you with much details. Like many of you I suffered a long period of my teenage life with acne - face and body acne. Today my face is 100% and my back is significantly improved and this little demon acne don't bother me anymore. Back in the time I was blaming my skin for my mood swings, sometimes my extremely low self-esteem and so on. I was locking myself in the bathroom and crying because of it. Since today, when acne doesn't bother
  6. I noticed you wrote me a message. :) But I'm not visiting the boards anymore. Yes, i could say the battle with acne is finally over :) And the fact I haven't visited the forums for so much time is a prove i think. I still have some pimples on my back but they improve with time and they don't bother me much at all :)

  7. i'll add u on msn tomrw k.. its like 12.18am hea in NZ... i think i should get some sleep..

  8. Btw, why is this pig on your profile picture surrendering? :D

  9. Same here. Have started school last week. Also I'm going to English courses for TOEFL so my schedule's pretty much busy :) And you what are doing lately?

  10. not bad, how about u? ^^

  11. Hey :) How's goin'?

  12. My FB account is Kaloyan Yankulov :)

  13. Oh thanks u sound very nice... yeh i am very confused at times ... i go to uni and stress is a daily does to be honest... im on facebook.. u on that ... cheers.. don't worri about ur english, the more frequently u speak it the better it would get.. given ur still young u hav gud chance...