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  1. hey man im really happy for you. I bet it feels amazing being clear. btw, do you eat the salmon slice raw?
  2. i just know theres a cure out there somewhere, but the greedy drug companies arent going to tell us. there making too much money on benzoyl peroxide and salycidic acid medications that dont do jack squat Im not asking for a cure on this forum, im just asking for something that might get rid of it as long as i stick to it. whats glucomannan?
  3. lol relax, you think you're the only one that goes through this? chin up, you'll be clear in no time, just read the thread from front to back and take your time. make sure you really understand and ask if you have any questions. also if you need to vent: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Emotional...f-acne-f10.html Hey thanks for the support man, I just feel alone due to my entire family having perfect skin. (at least i know its not hereditary). I'll check out those threads.
  4. well, I guess i'll try the oils, Man. Im just so desperate.
  5. if theres only 3 then yes! the other regimen is just too many things i have to buy! And the 3 foods to avoid obviously are free! I live a healthy lifestyle, i dont eat foods with vegetable oil, i workout, i eat plenty of fruits, veggies, and fish. I've had acne since my teen years, I just want some simple info.
  6. ...... no no no. I don't have the money for this regimine or the time. I just simply want to know the Mr X secret. Even if it is a scam, i wont be buying it, and i've heard that it works. Please... i've used every acne diet, product and regimen on (and off) the market. Man I just need some simple information please!!!
  7. I haven't read this book and I wouldn't waste my money on it even if I had it. Anyone that thinks they have the 'cure' or the 'secret' and is willing to take people's money before telling them is in my opinion a crook. You'd do far better just reading through the main threads on this site and taking your knowledge from that. There isn't a secret or magic potion - sorry to disappoint you... I've tried everything, and a lot of people say that this works. I might as well try it since i
  8. Please, someone tell me the secret to the Mr. X ebook. what are the three supplements and what is the diet and the 3 foods to avoid. Even if it didn't work for you please tell me. Iv'e had acne for too long and have literally ruined my life due to my low self-esteem. Please! i would be eternally grateful to anyone who tells me the secret!