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    I'm strongly interested in world peace. I have a feeling, that if everyone tries hard enough, we can reach total euphoria and happiness. No one deserves to die from war, a drive-by shooting, or in an alley - It's completely unnatural. Just be nice. Try new things. Have a good time. You only live once.<br />--Peace and Joy, Tylahh
  1. Day Five: So today didn't go too well either. My nose is broken out pretty bad, and one grey "bead" popped out of nowhere on my chin. This is the place where I have blackheads really bad, so could this possibly mean I'm purging? Because I hope so! I'm ready to get all of this nastiness out of my skin.. Oh, and thanks 1LastHope; I hope everything goes well with your skin too
  2. Hi, Molly! Just wanted to congratulate you on your skin doing well! You really have made good improvement Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that my friend had experience with ZoDerm medicated pads and it completely cleared up his moderate acne. I don't know how well it will go for you, but I wish you as good as luck as he had!
  3. Hmm, it might be one of those tricky under-the-skin pimples which suck big time. You might need to see a dermatologist, depending on the severity. How bad is your acne?
  4. Hmm, then in this case, I might try it. But mixed with 25% water because the thought of pure lemon juice touching my face makes me quiver. I have really sensitive skin.
  5. Yes! He got taken off life support today, but since he just switched jobs and doesn't have insurance, they are making him walk TODAY! I mean, he still has pins in his hip. Also, he's overweight so I don't know how that will go. Thanks for asking
  6. I don't know but I've heard that lemon juice is really acidic and bad for your skin?
  7. Neutrogena is probably the best over-the-counter brand that I have used. But it really depends on your regimen. Everyone needs to find that one combination of products that is just right. Personally, I use about six brands.
  8. To me, cutting is so amateur. This may sound dumb, but as a former cutter, I know that there are better ways to deal with stuff. And actually, after a while I noticed that when I cut, no stress was even relieved, I was just making it all up in my mind. Try meditating, it's great.
  9. Day Four: Ugh! I hate my skin so much right now. My skin-tone is so uneven, it looks like the map of the United States, you know the one where the states are all different colors? In other news, my nose has officially errupted, with several little bity red dots that hurt really bad but will probably be gone within a week. I also decided to start using ACV as a toner in the mornings too when I'm not going out. I really haven't been following my diet plan but it's really hard when all we have is j
  10. I don't think that she's "beautiful," but I think she takes care of herself really good. I did see her video without her wearing makeup and I was glad to see her face wasn't perfect. It was almost too good to be true, haha. "I have a pimple right there," ahah yeah right.
  11. lol that's funny, I have 4 names Aha, well everytime someone hears my last name they go "No way! Are you Mexican!?" And I'm like, "No, I'm Puerto Rican." And most people then say, "So you don't have a middle name, do you?" Oh, and I don't know any spanish at all. I'm a bad latino. But my dad is completely bilingual.
  12. From the looks of it, moderate. I'm sure your gentle cleansing and Tazorac will clear it up
  13. I have, fortunately. I think that with my skin, it's best to just accept it. But that doesn't mean that I don't have hope - Because I do. And I won't stop hoping.
  14. Day Two: Well today definitely wasn't my day at all. My dad and his wife got into a motorcycle wreck last night and now he's in the hospital. He was on life support but they did emergency surgery or something, and he had to get a transfusion because he lost half of his blood. The stress hasn't broken me out yet, but I hope it doesn't at all. Also, I haven't worked out or ate healthy. When you're scared out of your life & your favorite restaurant (Taco Bell) is in front of you - Well..You get
  15. Day One: It's only been a day, so there hasn't been much improvement. A little, though, because my face was healing anyway before I tried this new regimen. The Apple Cider Vinegar makes my whole room smell, which is a con, but I could tell with even one day that this red "blotch" (Not a red mark) on the side of my face has faded a little! CHYEAH!