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  1. Nice! I love hearing success stories here.. How many scars did you get treated? Did you get any new scars that you believe was caused by subcision? I am going to my derm this Friday to get a rx for Retin-A. I won't have subcision done till the end of this year, which will be with a different derm. He does saline subcision and has 5 years of experience. Subcision sounds very promising, especially for the scars I have. Oh yea, and do you discourage me from getting my smaller, more shallow scars
  2. Could u describe your additional scarring due to subcision?What type of scars? I am asking becos I had it done and the swollen subcised parts have not subside even after 5 weeks. Anyone experienced that ?
  3. I think Lillya suggestion is useful.Many members have posted detailed summary of their treatments. Frankly,I did find icares posts a little confusing.Many of us here just want to help each other.We are all in the same boat.
  4. I'm a little confused here.You were pretty disappointed in your previous posts and now u say ur scarring is almost gone........can u pls clarify?
  5. I thought you didnt really do the "stem cell"?Could you explain the treatment a bit more.
  6. Hi Datura,You had 3 rounds???? So the doc took skin tissues from behind your ear 3 times to fill the scars?I thought this was a one time treatment...
  7. alsace thanks for your reply yes it does not sound like dr branson is talking about dermal grafts - it sounds more like a punch graft - too bad. Hi,whats everyone opinion on dermal graft vs punch graft? I've heard good and bad things about both procedures.Perhaps,as we all probably know,it all boils down to the skills of the doctors.
  8. Wishful thinker,we are all thinking of the same thing....why BRD wont treat us.He has the answer to our problems. $12K for the stem cell treatment in Beijing?Haggle Haggle!!!!
  9. happymelon

    I did

    Dont u need to numb your face first b4 subscision?I remember I got shots to my face bfore piercing the skin......but it still hurts!!!
  10. I hope for the same although it is very frustrating and disappointing to have waited so long and god knows how much longer we have to wait.The pain and suffering will wear us out to the point that numbs us and we no longer have the desire to do anything for the scars.By the time when these treatments are available,we wouldnt care anymore about our appearance.As we get older,looks arent as important as it used to be.I 'm still hopeful of finding effective treatments but so far its all been talks
  11. I do believe silicone is probably one of the best treatment in terms of producing real results.Most of the people who had the treatment done would tell you they are quite satisfied.Unlike other treatments where the results are really mixed.However,many are still concerned about the risks and complications.It seems to me dermal grafting is a permanent fix as well but without the risks of injecting foreign objects into your face.Has anyone here contemplated dermal grafting before you went ahead t
  12. Is Eco2 by Lutronic?Which laser treatment are you receiving?
  13. Hi,I had fractionated co2 done and some of my deeper scars are gone.I still have many smaller saucer shaped scars left and overall the texture of my skin looks uneven .Would silicone injections help in my case becos I imagine I'd probably need injections to 20+ spots???Thanks for any advice.
  14. Did you develop waxy skin?Anyone developed waxy skin from laser?