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  1. True. I've been on spiro for 6 months now and haven't seen a difference in acne. Although I can say that the hair on my legs and underarms grows slower. Also, sweating under my arms was a problem for me. It ruled my life almost as much as acne. I could only wear black or white and still had to have something to absorbe all the sweat with. Seems like Spiro took care of that. Now I'm just waiting for my acne to clear up.Keep ya posted.
  2. How long have you been on spiro pinksushi? I've been on it for almost two months now and I'm getting crazy breakouts. I've never really had cystic acne, but I sure do now. Thank goodness I have sheercover or I would be devistated. Hang in there pinksushi. Don't go the accutane route just yet. It would take awhile for that to start working too and by that time your spiro would probably be working great. Either way you'd have to wait. We acne sufferers know what patience is.
  3. Hey girl, I know what you mean about foundations being too sheer. I've been on spiro for about a month 1/2 now and the IT sucks. Strangely though, I dont have that much anxiety over it for two reasons. The first is that I KNOW that it will work in another couple of months. I have complete confidance that it will. That really takes a load off. The second reason is this.... Sheercover makeup!! seriously! when I first started the IT breakout, and I have pretty bad acne anyway, I tried bare minerals
  4. I don't think she was expecting a hug. She was probably expecting info, not a shut down. But hey, who doesn't want to be told it's hopeless? I agree, she should have clapped her hands laughing and thanked the derm for being so useless . All of us at some point, even if you don't admit it on here, have been reduced to tears because of acne. Whats wrong with ya'll. Just because she'a young and cried you think she's just trying to get her way. It doesn't matter what kind of acne you have, it's dibi
  5. If any kind of doctor say's the hell with it because someone is upset, then they need to lose their license. What kind of doctor does that? When your told you can't be helped with something that is so emotionally important then of course your going to be upset. Some people cry, some get angry. Everyone handles these things differently and shouldn't be critized. If a procedure did turn fatal I can teel ya now it's not the patient who would be in trouble for crying. That doc would be sued so fast
  6. Honey, That derm is a jerk with no compassion and a person like that does not need to be in the medical field. Please please report them. He/she didn't even do their job, and accutane is not a drug that should be thrown around just because of their laziness. Ahhh... that makes me so mad. I'm sorry that happened to you girl. Did your mama go in with you? What did your parents say/do when they found out? Okay.... there are things you can try that your faux derm did not tell you. Please don't lose
  7. Has anyone NOT had an intitial breakout with Spiro? Starting it today and my derm said the "purge breakout" is actually pretty rare. I need to hear some really good stories about it right now, even if I'm dreaming.
  8. I have hormonal acne and I don't think that BP is helping at all and would like to stop using it. I need a cleanser but I need it to be extremly gentle. Can anyone suggest a cleanser that won't overload my face with chemicals?
  9. Hollaback


    Hi. I've been thinking about Spiro for awhile and finally am going to the derm tomorrow to ask for it. I wanted to ask how long after you first start taking it before the purging breakouts start? 1 week? Two? Also, has anyone experianced any other benifits? When I took birth control I noticed that the hair under arms and on legs stopped growing as fast an as thick. Less ingrown hairs. Has anyone had that on Spiro. Since it's an androgen blocker I would assume it has all of these effects. Althou
  10. Im sure everyone is familiar with the kind of exfoliating the Proative cleanser gives. Lots and lots of beads. Not just a few here and there. Well, I can't purchase the system (and don't want to), so I was wondering if anyone has come across an exfoliating face scrub that equals proactive. It doesn't have to have BP, I just want the beads. Also. I was thinking about SPF moisturizers, and you have to apply regular sunscreens about every two hours. So if you apply SPF moisturizer, wont it be moot
  11. I had a real flaky peeling problem. I've had Dan's Jojoba oil for two weeks now. I put 3 small drops in what ever moisturizer im using and mix it in my hands and apply. I have to say.. it actually works. Try it. Also, i put some in my conditioner and my hair doesn't frizz as much. Go to it on this site and there are a bunch of uses for it.
  12. I just got the Zenmed Dermacleanse capsuls in the mail and am curious to see if anyone has tried it and what you think?
  13. I know that BP bleaches, but the amount I use with the regimen bleaches all of my pillow cases to the point of absurd. Does anyone have any secrets or sugestions for this problem? Please let there be something.