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  1. Excellent posts everyone. I agree with ickle to a certain degree. You will be healther if you choose this diet. It will be more expensive than a synthetic approach. This is my viewpoint on the matter. Our bodies are creating acne because it is bad for the body. It is kicking out these toxins and it produces acne. Do you know how bad salt is for your body? Scientists at one time, claimed that you need salt in order to sweat. If you do more modern research you will find that the body actually desp
  2. Prob, I no longer have acne, after I started watching what I ate, and stop touching my face.. the only problem I have is a ruddy complextion. I understand now that it is just blocked pores. I will start this sample diet to obtain perfect clearness as soon as a couple things arrive in the mail. I just got the brazilian nuts I dont like nuts, but these are actually ok. Im waiting on a nut cracker and im choosing out what kind of juicer I want. I come on this website, just so I can learn more abo
  3. I have been doing some major research on acne, intrigued by this website. Benzoyl Peroxide kills the bacteria that causes acne, the reason why it needs to be heaped on is so it will last. As a sort of a shield. You need to moisturize because BP also drys out and tightens the skin, this is because the pores of your skin are eaten into by the acid. This is a synthetic approach to your diet. Change the things you eat and do some research on #1 sodium (aka salt) and #2 water retention. Acne is cause
  4. trotsky, a funding contact = http://www.m2w3.com/acne/what_is.html
  5. trotsky, this is interesting. if you havent seen it. "Up to 60 per cent of 12-year-olds and 95 per cent of 18-year-olds in modern societies suffer from acne, and for a few the zits persist into middle age. Yet acne is almost unknown in subsistence societies such as the Kitava islanders in Papua New Guinea and the Ache of the Amazon. "The only foods available to these populations are minimally processed foods," Cordain points out. "They don't know refined sugars or refined grains." The
  6. trotsky, i did some research on the effects of b5. it is very interesting. there is a lot of similarities between the effects of the vitamin b5 and the "so called" cures of acne. when i said it appeared you were throwing spaghetti on the wall earlier, i meant, we do not know why b5 is effective? i was saying before we go doing a huge test on b5s effectiviness we should have some theories on why it would be effective. plus by knowing why it works, we can refine the methodology and make it more e
  7. aragorn, well i can give some theories on it. if acne is just an effect of toxins coming out of your skin. it would seem that you would have more acne right? well not necessarily if you overburden your body with too many toxins it might not have a chance, to work on certain things. as we know it works on the weakest organs first that are being affected. needless to say, in time it would have came back to bad acne, or maybe worse some sort of sickness. if you plague your body with toxins that ki
  8. Trotsky, good point, on environment. that does sort of kick that out of their, your sister should have had the same problems if it was, water you drank, water you used for showering, the area you lived in and so forth. I was doing some thinking on this last night, and I was wondering if maybe its not as bad a thing as we seem to think. I am wondering if it is indeed toxins in the body. ANd our bodies that have avid acne are just more powerful at releasing toxins? For instance, maybe our bodies
  9. trotsky, interesting thought process, it seems to me this is going back to the throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping some of it sticks.. what is the root cause, why does b5 work? why do we have to take a synthetic substance to have clear skin. this doesnt make logical sense to me. i just read a post by wehateacne, who stated just keep your body in good shape, get plenty of sleep, and everything will be fine.. as he exits his post he also states im going to go eat my favorite chocolate bar
  10. trotsky, A method of iridology is not necessarily very scientific. I agree completely. My main objective is focus. Anything that will bring about a methodology and maybe a way of judging similaritys of people with and without acne.. i can not seriously believe that it is genetic.. nor will I because you lose power over the situation taking an out like this. I am interested in any tests that will provide results. If you have better options lets hear them. As far as the post about keeping your po
  11. I have been reading up on iridology (which is a study of your eyes) it says that you can see your entire system through your eyes. this is the test.. people with bad acne.. look into your eyes closely and tell me if a: you have any color other and blue or brown and what that color is, and any impurities.. if you look you will see maybe dark spots or goldish colors, anything that is not exactly the color.. and you will also see fibers in your eyes like strands.. are these wide apart.. tell us as