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    i love ballet and cheerleading<br />i love to debate and i always win<br />im going to be a lawyer<br /><br />send me a message if u wanna know more =]
  1. necromancer: haha =P yes pinkshoeaddict i know what ur talking about, my guy friend is always commenting negatively on girls who really arent ugly but hes like...obsessed with perfection, idk =P
  2. haha no i just wanted to know if they classifiy a plastic type girl in a certain way that makes her less attractive... ;-)....
  3. ok so it seems like theres a general consensus that the face is more important... idk though, i still think a guy with an average face (not particuraly goodlooking) with a really hot muscular body is more attractive than a super handsome chubby guy or something... maybe it's just me though haha... i do think though that a really inshape, toned "hot" body takes more work to achieve than a cute face, which is something you are pretty much just born with, so maybe it should be valued more???
  4. Alright: the other day, my good guy friend told me that this girl had a "hot body, but her face is not so cute". That sort of got me thinking, what is more important to guys when their evaluating your overall appearance? I mean, I once had a crush on a tall, muscular guy whose face wasn't anything special and also he had some acne. So I was wondering, is it the same for guys? Like based on physical appearance alone, which is more important, having a cute face or having a hot body?
  5. well idk im sort of trying to figure out my own style and i DO care what people think, to a certain extent, and i wanted to know if getting highlights, tans, and generally being "girly" made guys see me a certain way (slutty) that i dont want to be seen in... and no white, im not jealous of anyone! in fact i worry alot about being too attractive (not too sound narcissistic but im tall and thin and considered very good-looking) so i try to tone down my looks and i really dont want 2 be seen as ho
  6. theprince: yes thats exactly what i'm talking about... it seems like a lot of guys respond to that very madeup, fake tan, bleach blond hair girl in the miniskirt and tight tank top maybe what i was really asking was not about fakeness, but about trashiness/sluttiness being a turn-off? guys, does that effect your opinion of the girl b4 u even talk 2 her, do u classify her in ur mind as a slut? any opinions?
  7. Physician's Formula makes some excellent bronzers, just avoid the shimmery ones because they make acne stand out and your skin look very shiny and yucky IMO... Maybelline is a less expensive option, it's oil-free, which is nice... I like the color "Sierra Sands" Hope I helped
  8. hmm... well thank goodness im tall and thin and have a symmetrical, well-structured face with big eyes and pouty lips. I would just get: 1. some permanent tan 2. teeth whitened my skin is already pretty clear
  9. okay thanks, thats exactly what i was looking for so it doesn't matter to you if the girl bothers to put on makeup/nice clothes? or.....
  10. well what is was saying was not that you shouldnt care about your appearance at all, but that do guys prefer OVERLY madeup, very very "superficial" type people, so im sorry if i offended u guys or something
  11. is Vanessa Hudgens length hair ideal? i want hair like that!
  12. Guys, do you prefer the dyed blonde hair, fake tan, madeup girl whos into being hot and sexy or what? does fakeness turn u off?