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  1. Is anyone else experiencing any side effects from Fish Pills? I have noticed bad breath, which I read that is a side effect online. I am not having to brush and use mouth wash so much during the day to try and get rid of it. I am taking two pills a day. They say they are 1200mg pills. They are the kirkland ones with some coating that is suppose to prevent bad breath and bad after taste, but I do not know if it is caused from taking too much. Is it? Should I cut it down to one? Is there ways
  2. Well I just bought some kirkland fish oil pills today. I am only going to take 2 a day and see how it goes. If it doesn't help acne it should help with other things.
  3. Any other suggestions on pills from Costco? I will probably just get the pills Callie90 suggested if no one else says anything.
  4. Awesome! Thanks for the fast reply. I am going tomorrow that's why I wanted to know. I will wait on more responses too.
  5. Buy Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. The problems with generic brands is the acidic levels. Do not apply it straight to the face. Try a 3:1 ratio (water to acv). I use to do it topically, but I noticed the next day I could smell it. You face absorbs it then when you sweat you could smell it. Search the forums and find the huge ACV thread. You will find a lot of help there.
  6. http://www.costco.com/Common/Search.aspx?w...&lang=en-US Which are the best to get there? I am going tomorrow and planning on starting on Fish Oil for general health benefits and my acne.
  7. Alright, I will pick that up. Should I get their bar of soap as well? I just bought the Neutrogena transparent facial bar today for half the price. It looks good, but not sure if Cetaphil bar is better.
  8. Is there a specific type of Cetaphil cream? I know that's the brand, but I am not sure how many creams they make.
  9. I have been using Differin for about 3 months now and like the results I have had so far. It says you will start seeing results after the 3 months, but it is working good before that too. The only problem is after taking a shower and I do not let the water from the shower head hit my face it still pells and dries out like none other. Lately I haven't been using any soap on my face, but just bought Neutrogena transparent facial bar. I hear it dries your face out a little bit as well. I believe I
  10. Yeah, I know. I basically got it for the big zits that are 'open-wound' zits that need it. But did I get the right one?
  11. I just bought the Neosporin Antibiotic Cream. + Pain Relief. Is that it?
  12. Alright, thanks everyone. I will go pick some up and hopefully it will help with red marks and areas that were just popped.
  13. How many people use this to get rid of red marks/scabs from recently popped zits? How well does it work for you? Any harms?