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  1. hey guys... it's been a while just came online to see how everyone is doing... things on my side are finally better... the pd is gone and i didn't bother taking any pills or buying the metrogel... i've just been taking the vitamin b pills the 100g. justplainsickofit, i hope things improve for you and even though right now you're probably stressing about it, trust me i know how you're feeling, you ARE going to get better. i had to deal with my PD for like 3 months and it kinda made my summer suc
  2. hey guys, sorry i haven't posted in a while... how have you guys been doing??? ... things on my side are better...my allergic reaction is Finally gone... i don't know what i reacted to... my POD is better but i still have a little bit of redness around my mouth... i still am trying to get rid of it because i'm worried that it might flare up... i think what caused it for me was that i used steroid creams on my face before... so i got a prescription for the metrogel... it's kind of expensive... h
  3. hey dawn... a lot of weird things happened to my skin over the past few weeks... first it was POD, then it changed a lot... it started to look like an allergic reaction... it started to burn like crazy and my eyes and lips were swollen...i went to the dermatologist about a week ago.. i've been on prednisone pills.. first she told me it was POD... but then it turned into an allergic reaction or something... now i only have a little bit of redness around my nose but barely noticeable... and my ol
  4. yea i couldn't wait... i went to the hospital today and they gave me an appointment with a dermatologist which i also got to see today...he told me that it was either PD or an allergic reaction to a product... he gave me a prescription for nizoral (Clindamycin) cream and Tetracyclineand pills... hopefully this will help... if not i'll try what you mentioned... i also got a new toothpaste just in case... i was wondering, what products did you use on your lips before you got this? the dermatologi
  5. yours is gone? lucky you! that's good i will be going to the dermatologist on monday... she's not in until next week... i'm also going to see a doctor to see what he says... i'll let you know what happens. so what helped you??? and what was yours like exactly???
  6. thnx... i'm planning on going to the dermatologist tomorrow because it has gotten worse =( ... i don't have no white stuff... it's just red and bumpy and really itchy... it's on my forehead, around my mouth and under my eyes... this really sucks, and i feel like crap... what does yours look like?
  7. they gave me this corticosteoid cream called denoside and it did not help... i read online that corticosteroid creams can cause perioral dermatitis... and i remember i use to use one along with a pimple cream to keep my skin clear before i got this stupid dermatitis... what's helping me right now is aloe vera... i think i have sebirrheic tho because my scalp, eyes, nose and ears are really itchy...
  8. thanks for letting us know... and i agree... steroid creams are no good in the long run... i heard that they can peel your skin really badly... my dermatologist gave me one of those creams..i think denoside... she told me i had perioral dermatitis... and now since i used that cream, i don't know if it was because of the cream or what... but now my scalp, eyes, nose ears is really itchy... and i think i have something else now... maybe seborrheic dermatitis... i remember i use to use a steroid cr
  9. thnx for your answer dawn... i'll answer my own questions now: 1. were you stressed before you got it? .......yes 2. did you use any steroid creams or corticosteroid creams before you got this? .......yea i was using elocom on my face mixed with some other pimple cream because they kept my face clear 3. do you have low iron? or did you at any point? ............yes i did 4. did you apply toothpaste to your pimples at any point before you got this?........yes 5. is your scalp itchy? itchy d
  10. i have the same thing going on for me right now... my dermatologist told me i have perioral dermatitis(rash and bumps around mouth).... but i also have some symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis(itchy scalp, ears and nose)... i posted a topic about this asking a couple of question to anyone who is going through this to see if we can find out what is affecting us. if you want to answer the questions, just check out my profile and you'll see the topic i posted.
  11. Hi... i'm hoping that everyone who is suffering from Perioral Dermatitis can post here... maybe we can figure out together what is affecting us by first figuring out what is something that we all have in common... maybe you can answer a few of my question: 1. were you stressed before you got it? 2. did you use any steroid creams or corticosteroid creams before you got this? 3. do you have low iron? or did you at any point? 4. did you apply toothpaste to your pimples at any point before you got t
  12. hi... i'm going through the same thing at the moment... and it really sucks...i know what you mean about the mustache... it's like a red mustache it's weird and looks so bad!... anyways... since we're both going through the same thing, maybe you can e-mail me or send me a message so we can talk about this and hopefully come up with a solution... maybe we can figure this out by seeing what things we have in common that may be causing this... my dermatologist told me i have perioral dermatitis...