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  1. Hey everybody! I am kind of curious about this: a lot of you guys have been saying that Alpha Hydrox products can be bought at Walgreens; I live in Canada so Walgreens is nowhere to be found. I am also finding it difficult to find alpha hydroxy acid lotions that aren't already moisturizers in stores, and I don't want to order any online. So I've stumbled across the Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner with Alpha/Beta Hydroxy acids, (I am currently using the pore refining cleanser with the same acids),
  2. Bump. Anybody? It's at a point now where it just won't change and I'm afraid of doing anything else to it lest it worsen.
  3. Hey, I've had this large pimple on my cheek for some time now, and it grew from being small to large, and now it has a black spot within the center of the white part... I'm confused as to what it is and how to treat it...
  4. I've had a large pustule for a week on my jawline that wouldn't go away, and today while cleansing I accidentally popped it. Right now I've put some polysporin with vitamin E on it... what else can I do? it's not particularly painful or anything right now and there wasn't any bleeding when I saw.
  5. I miss the closeness, both emotionally and physically. I also miss the trust.
  6. My worst fear related to acne would be the fear that I won't be attractive enough to the people I want, and it hinders my decision to initiate a lot of contact with them. My worst fear overall is fear itself; xenophobia is a scary and deceptive thing.
  7. thanks :D people always seem to immediately describe their fave celebs, so i thought I'd go a bit deeper lolx

  8. Just as I thought... Good thing I've learned not to touch my face like that anymore. I tried threatening it with a future as a garbageman; even that didn't work, but thanks, Wham.
  9. On my cheek I have this slightly raised skin coloured bump that isn't painful to the touch, but is slightly painful if there is pressure applied to it. I'm not sure if it's a nodule or a cyst, and I'm not sure what to do for it...
  10. I know how you feel, but since I've been able to attract some people through the internet, where the attraction was based soley on what I wrote and how I thought, I have developed a lot of confidence regarding my personality. However, I still think the focus on acne and facial blemishes is the fault of a society which obsesses over every single imperfection. There is no "perfection" that you can possibly strive towards. At least that's what I keep in mind for myself. It's working for me, so far.
  11. Hey, nice comment on that thread "Define Beautiful". Pretty spiffy page you've got up here