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  1. Not enough, I'm sure. But you just guilted me into getting some...
  2. I'm 17, so yes my hormones are probably doing crazy things I'm not sure if my diet changed drastically though. I've been vegetarian for a few years now, but I'm wondering if I'm not getting enough of some nutrient. I started taking omega 3 pills recently, so we'll see if that does anything. oryon - I was thinking along those lines, that some product had made my skin unable to restore itself. i'm not really using salicylic acid anymore, but other than that I've been switching around so it's
  3. I used to be lucky in that when my pimples faded, I wasn't left with red marks. About 6 months ago I started getting them though, and I'm wondering if anyone knows what can cause that change..? I've been switching around products.. I think I was actually doing the oil cleansing method + tea tree oil when I started getting them. Now I use Oxy. But I can't really find a connection. Could it possibly have to do with diet or hormones? I'm mystified.
  4. I think I might get those bumps too. For me they seem to be clogged pores though. Be careful with squeezing because sometimes they will turn into a pimple or red mark when I do that.
  5. Also, could it be an issue of just not washing your bras frequently/well enough? Kind of like changing the pillow slip more often...
  6. Well by doing that aren't you sort of cleansing off the BP? You want that to get absorbed by your skin and stay there. Especially if you're just starting the regimen, you should probably follow it pretty close.. and you'll probably need a lot of moisturizer anyway. (or have you been on the regimen for a while?)
  7. my skin isn't super super oily at the moment, and it was definitely better when i was doing the oil cleansing method (but I couldn't figure out how to control my acne very well).. just fyi inside my ears get oily, not the lobes. but sometimes i do get smallish pimples on my ear lobes for some reason...
  8. I ordered my sample kit about 4 days ago (from the normal site, not beta) and I already got it! I'm so excited to try it, but still very overwhelmed with the color options...