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  1. A little analogy: Most people who get lung cancer smoke; but not everyone who smokes gets lung cancer. Make sense? Nice one rakbs! I was just going to reply on the incorrectness of that logic... Another way to put it would be:- There exists a subset of smokers who acquire lung cancer. There exists a subset of people with unhealthy eating/sleeping/exercise habits, who are prone to acne.
  2. Miss Josette, Great! I'll go buy some and try it out. How do you use it? A tbsp before every meal?
  3. How about Glycerine instead? That will probably do less damage.
  4. Miss Josette, Did you see any improvement in your skin when you used FiberSure? I'm using psyillium husks right now before my meals (2 scoops, as was stated in chrisaus thread a while back), and don't see much of an improvement. I'm wondering if this means that means the g-powder will not work for me?
  5. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum, but I'd like to get advice from the holistic folks... I've been able to keep my acne under control through diet, thanks to this forum! However, yesterday I went for a 16 mile hike and wore sunscreen on my face. As a result, of the sunscreen, I have a minor breakout today. I was wondering what everyone used for sunscreen? Anything you'd recommend? Should I go without sunscreen on my face and just wear a big hat? -Thanks
  6. I hear ya, but like everyone says, the regime is not a cure, but is a measure to keep acne in check. Bottomline: If you are genetically predisposed to have acne all your life, then guess what, you will need to use the regime all your life. I hate it, but as they say - sad but true.
  7. Basis Sensitive Skin Bar - love this stuff, no fuss, no muss.
  8. After ramping up to two pumps, I find that my moisturizer does not "sink in", and just stays on top of my skin. I feel this is because of my pores being blocked by BP. And this is after waiting for 45mins after applying BP. I end up wiping off the white streaks. I use the Cetaphil lotion by the way, and I am only using one pump for my entire face. Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do to work around this?
  9. I have suffered with moderate acne since I was 14. It might sound weird, but I think the emotional damage & stress of acne has given me enormous drive in life, which I do not think I'd have had if I had clear skin. I remember just before I went to college, I swore to myself that I would work harder, be more successful and of course date all the pretty girls - regardless of acne. It started out of spite for all those who looked down on me for my condition, but also part of me could not le
  10. Hang in there Kriszti! I'm in my 6th week and was a bit discouraged by two tiny zits, then I remembered how bad it was before DKR. I've seen some of your posts, you've got the right mind set. Goodluck!
  11. Yeah, I'm a whiskey fan as well... Bush mills with ice Glen fidditch with ice *sigh* and then the staples... Guiness stout Fat tire Amberbock Jack and coke Southern comfort Jagermeister - deadly!
  12. Gack! I just got back from a day at the beach, and my face looks like I have a permanent blush! Next stop, Walmart for some sunscreen!
  13. Congratulations on quitting smoking brother! I recently quit as well and I think it has improved my skin tone. If it's only two months in, I think you should stick it out for the entire four months and see how things go. What do you have to lose except acne? Good luck!
  14. Yes, if your skin is not used to BP. http://acne.org/whattoexpect.html
  15. How about the BP iteself is it expired? Have you changed anything in the routine? Do you have moderate or sever acne?