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  1. Well i went to the doc today and he gave me this (doxycyline / benzaclin clindamycin-benzoyl peroxide gel) and 1 other med i couldn't get because my insurance wouldn't pay for it... but anyway i was wondering if anyone knows if these work good? he said he will try me on this for about 6 weeks and or more and it's not looking better he will put me on accutane or w/e it's called hahahah and is making me keep a log on when i take it and stuff that i don't rly want to do but yeah... anyway any wo
  2. Didn't work at all for me... maybe it's just me, nothing seems to work.
  3. I to have really bad acne... to tell you the truth acne kind of messed up my hole life. It made me drop out of high school because, i just didn't want to be seen like that. (and yes that is no joke i rly did kind of drop out because of my acne) i started getting acne at 15 and am now 17 so i haven't had it to long but i do know it sucks. I use to just sit home all day wishing it would go away it wasn't till about a week ago i just said freak it and started going 2 alot of places again... as i j
  4. Okay, Thanks alot for all your help, I'll shave more from now on maybe that will help me out.
  5. Thank!!! I thought i got something off someone hahahah but should i shave down? would that maybe help it out? because it hurts pretty bad and i wash down there everyday anyway hahah But other then that thanks alot!
  6. ingrown hairs would make me get pus filled bumps down there?
  7. I have no clue if it's pimples or sores but i don't get them on my penis or anything just under my Pubic hair... And they hurt pretty bad when u touch them and they bleed sometimes. I woke up with a blood stain on the front of my boxers from one of them. what could they be and what can help get rid of them? But i think they might be from my fat lol rubbing down there idk. any help be help because they hurt pretty bad!
  8. Hi, I really need help... I don't know what to buy to help me out. I have really bad acne, White Heads and all that good stuff. I was hoping someone could tell me the best Product to buy, I've tried proactiv, and alot of Neutrogena wash was and stuff, But I'm looking for the best all in one acne kit or w/e it is. what i can get at stores with out seeing the doctor or anything? I really need something that works and everything I've tired hasn't worked a bit. PLZZZ someone help me I'm dying!!!!!!
  9. No i don't have a derm, but i am thinking about getting 1. That would prob be best for me i guess. I'll try what kris_swe said 2 do eat better (love that soda lol) and drink more water. I already wash my face 2 times a day so i don't need 2 add on 2 that. i'll keep that up till i can see if i can see a derm. thanks for your help everyone
  10. Hi, I'm Matthew and i'm 17, i was hoping that someone could help me out with my acne. I've had it for about a year now and i rly want 2 get rid of it because it makes me not even want 2 go out the house. I've tried alot of stuff even Proactiv that made it a little better but i still had it after i ran out and it was still pretty bad. I wash my face everyday before i go 2 bed and when i wake up and it still don't seem 2 help it. I just got clean and clear daily cleanser, i hope this works a littl