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  1. Hey everyone, just a quick update, nearly reaching the end of month 1 only got a few more days to go and then i am onto month 2. Side effects have been bad bad nose bleeds i mean like rambo style nose bleeds lol, split nose and split lips, joint pain, headaches and thats about it really, for me who suffers from depression my mood has been amazing since iv'e started accutane im never down at all . Positives atm i was completely clear yesterday but had a few small breakouts around my chin thsi m
  2. Hey everyone my topic jsut seems to be flooded with comments and support but anyway it has now been pretty much 14 days, and things are going pretty well tbh. I have only had a few small spots which have gone in the matter of a few hours or a day, which is good my forhead is so smooth, and my lump has gone just a mark now. I have a few small marks around my jaw, but thats about it, but the only major problems are my joints which is affecting me playing guitar, and my lips OMG, they hrut so
  3. Day 8 Well its been a paticularly weird week, the lump above my eyebrow was not a cyst or anything at all, ws just a solid lump which is now pretty much gone, just a mark left thank god it was killing like a bitch. My lips have both cracked at the side, in a way im kinda happy lol cus i know the stuff is working. As for breakouts i have had a couple on my chin and a few small whiteheads on my left cheek, but as for texture and things my face has never felt so smooth . Side effects though, my
  4. WEEK 1 So it has been my first week on accutane for my mild acne, what has happened so far. Well i have had a few breakouts but nothing really that bad, although i have the biggest lump just above my left eyebrow which im not joking hurts so very very much. Also got a few little marks, but overall nothing really, still oily but i think i have about 3 spots atm thats including the lump. Side effects have included dizzyness, very dry lips, headches, weakness, but hey ho i want this to work so i am
  5. Prydeee

    Me myself and I

    Just some pictures of me over the past year
  6. i developed dymophobia about my face, i jsut cant see what other people do i guess. its hard cu s i jsut feel like whatever im doing im not getting anywhere, and then i dont understand myself when people say its fine etc. many thanks for the comment, it made me smile. but hopefully i will get all this over and done with. xx
  7. OK so i have had some huge downers with my skin, i have become in the long run very depressed, nad have tride to commit suicide twice and everything to cut it short its taken over my life, however after 2 months of using differing at night and duac in the morning , also takin clindamycin tablets twice daily, and using Agera mild face wash, once morning once at night i seem to me getting somewhere, here are some progress pictures. although with my depresion and lack of positive thinking i stil
  8. dont reply to this i ahve moeved it elswhere as it isnt a log cheers
  9. thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I wont let you down, but i cant honeslty at the moment see a way out, im physcally and mentally drained and i dunno death just seemed like a way of stopping every day from being the same, i was at my happiest a sleep. I will try xx
  10. i have stopped harming myself for about 2 or 3 days now to let my arms heal up, it scarily gave me a kinda of relief, but i felt so helpless when i was doing it, knowone cud help me. I still feel as if im fighting a loosing battle everyone who has tried to help em just seems to fail. I cant seem to think of anything happy as my mouth is so dry that when i smile it hurts so much. So beinh unhappy feels better physically. I know i only have one life but i hate the lone im living adm. I has stopped
  11. Dunno where to begin really, but ive reached that point of just giving up. I recently tried to hang myself about a month or so back, when everything just got on top of me, but my dad managed to stop me. i have been described with manic depression and dysmophobia, where i seem to ecssasibate things therefor see them as worse. I cry every day, am afraid to look in a mirror, i spend my days hiding out in my room, and have stopped going to school. i wont go out and see anyone,im so confused about m