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  1. Hi Sweetea, I've been making water kefir for a few months and all you need to get started is 1 tablespoon of grains because, when you feed them sugar and water, they will multiply and so you will have more than a cup in no time. Good luck!
  2. By any chance, were you on antibiotics right before you got the rash on your face?
  3. I was just wondering if anyone has tried doing a liver cleanse or even just drinking warm lemon water in the mornings? I'm willing to try anything to help with SD and acne. I don't want to use topical oregano oil my whole life as I've had aromatherapists tell me that it's too harsh on the skin and that I can develop sensitization over time.
  4. I was just wondering if anyone has tried using 1 part Apple cider vinegar to 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 10 parts water, leaving it on for 2 to 3 minutes and then rinsing with water? If so, has it helped with your SD?
  5. The oregano oil does wonders for acne. What I'm now doing is using the oregano oil every other day instead of daily as I found it too irritating. Every other day is much better and still helps tons with the acne AND the seborrheic dermatitis. For the past few days, I've also been using a topical probiotic mask on the nights that I don't use the oregano oil, which I'm really liking. I am using the Yogurt Starter from Natren, which has 2 strains of bacteria which are supposed to be excellent for t
  6. Have you tried using just oregano oil on your face? After trying everything for my acne-ridden, seborrheic dermatitis covered face, I finally decided to try oregano oil as I'd done a ton of research and found that many people had success with it, when using it mixed with water. So, what I do, is put 2-3 drops of oregano essential oil in a cup of filtered water. I then wash my face with water only in the evening and then pat it dry. Then, I put some of the oregano oil & water solution on my f
  7. I have tried SO many spot treatments (i.e. honey, manuka honey, healing clay masks, ice pack, heat, benzoyl peroxide, salt water etc.) and what I find works best of all is oregano oil. However, you have to dilute it in some water. What I do is take 1 drop of pure essential oil of oregano oil and put it into 1 cup of filtered or distilled water. Then I shake it really well and take a Q-tip to dab some on the pimple. It literally stops pimples in their tracks. They start to get smaller and smaller
  8. I agree with water-only face washing. I have tried SO many different products over the years and my face, now 42 years old, is paying for it big time. I switched to water-only face washing about 1 month and a half ago and it's the best thing I've ever done for my skin. Good luck with whatever you decide!
  9. So I've decided that I won't post here unless there's some drastic change in my skin because things are pretty much the same as they were last week. I only have one active pimple on my face currently so I'll just be keeping up with the water-only routine for the foreseeable future as my skin seems to really be liking it. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to message me. Good luck to those who are also trying no-water! The results might not be immediate but, eventually, your skin will
  10. Well, it's been about a month now and I did get a really large pimple on my forehead this past week. I felt a couple more underground pimples coming too so what I've done is, as the final step to my cleansing routine, I now lightly sweep my face with my hands, once only, all over. This did stop the other 2 breakouts from forming and has also helped with my seborrheic dermatitis so I'll keep doing this, at least for now. So, in general, my face is doing MUCH better than it was a month ago but I'l
  11. So I stopped drinking the lemon water and have switched to ginger water instead because the lemon water was really making my throat dry. As far as breakouts go, I've again had a couple of really tiny pimples come and go in 1-2 days (I don't think anyone can notice them other than myself because they're extremely tiny). Other than that, I've been going for a deep tissue massage on my face once per week because, supposedly, it might help with the seborrheic dermatitis. I really hope so.
  12. Another weekly update: Well, as far as pimples go, I've only had 2 small ones this week. One went away in a day and the other one has been there for 3 days now but it's starting to go away on its own now. What I found out this week is that I have seborrheic dermatitis, from being on topicals for so many years. So that's why my skin's always feeling tight and itchy and is inflamed with red patches. Not fun. So, along with the other things I'm doing which I mentioned in my original post, I'm now
  13. So it's now been over a week since I've just been washing my face with water and, so far so good! I've had some days where my face felt really itchy and tight but I'm told this is normal, as your face adjusts to not using any products; therefore, having to produce its own oils again. Also, I've only had two new pimples form this entire week. One of them was gone in a day and the other one is so small that no one can notice it but me. So I'm just waiting to see what that one's going to decide to
  14. I'm not sure how long it can stay unrefrigerated but you could always put it in a lunch bag with an ice pack for the plane ride. Also, since posting this, I've switched to just washing my face with water and not putting anything on after. My face is doing even better with this routine (and it's simpler so that's a bonus). I found that, because I tend towards having drier skin, that my skin was feeling very tight and dry with the hemp oil (like my face was getting tricked into producing less oil
  15. Whathavewehere, do you have an update for us? I too started the water-only to cleanse my face, 4 days ago and my face was INCREDIBLY itchy for the first 3 days. Today, it's feeling a little less itchy, thank goodness. What I do is just wash my face at night, splashing it with filtered water and then using a clean towel to just pat it dry. Last night, I didn't even wash it at all and my skin was less itchy through the night. I stopped wearing makeup and now all my scars and pimples are right out