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  1. Does this work on fixing your overall facial skin color? I've noticed that the red marks become more whitened and thereby disappearing. But does it help with the skin color? And do you guys maybe have a link to a online store, that ships to Denmark? I just wanna be sure I buy the right product...
  2. A year and half ago I took the accutane treatment, which pretty much killed the acne on my skin, leaving but red marks and a different skin color on my entire face, bit of my neck/throat and underarms. The arms don't really concern me since I have hair on my arms which covers most of the discoloring. However the face color annoys me, since it's still a little red-ish at moments and sometimes it's quite bright. The red marks don't bother me, but the color needs to get on track. How do I get
  3. Is it too gay or girly, if a 17-year old kid were to remove hair from his arms and legs for the first time ever? And it's not something, that will be done daily, but once every fifth year or something? Isn't it normal to remove it once every fifth year or something, if the hair gets a little bit too big og too much? And once done, you just let it grow and grow.. until it's too much, then you do it again... what do you guys think?
  4. I sooooo need to start going to the gym now, and start eating more. Good to see, I'm not the only one with this issue. I AM SO GLAD TO HAVE FINISHED THE 5 MONTH LONG ACCUTANE TREATMENT! IT WAS SO ANNOYING! Happy New Year, guys.
  5. Hey guys, I'm just wondering, if Acctuane affects your weight somehow? I'm underweighted right now, and my doctors seem to think that it's because of Accutane. I can't seem to gain weight, no matter how much I eat. I just stopped the treatment with Accutane after 5 months, and I haven't measured my weight yet - though I'll check it soon and see. But does anyone know anything about this?
  6. Nøøøj, hvor nice med nogle danskere på dette forum Jeg slipper af med min accutin piller her på søndag, men har stadig en del røde mærker. Overvejer at få lavet en peeling af en kosmetolog? Det burde fjerne de fleste, har jeg fået at vide. Jeg kom til at holde mig lidt for meget i solen, da jeg på et tidspunkt var på clindoxyl. Hvad skal jeg gøre med de røde mærker? Nogle gode råd? Og hvor lang tid skal jeg vente, før jeg må tage en anden behandling efter accutin? Måneder
  7. Where can you buy this stuff?
  8. I am seriously considering using this regimen. I'm on my last week of accutane right now... how long do I have to wait in order to use this?
  9. I've never used make-up before, since I don't think it's necessary. There aren't that many redmarks. They tend to have good days and bad days - is this normal? My doc told me to wait some months. The skin will get better in time. Hope she's right... does anyone know the answer to the question above? Thx for the help and advice, guys.
  10. I am hopefully on my last month of Accutane, and all I have left are red marks. I am considering a peeling or perhaps trying delna's regimen-thing... What should I use? And is it allowed to try these thing while on accutane? Or should I wait?
  11. Would it be wise to use this Acne.org Regiment-thing on your skin while your in the Accutane treatment? I've been on it for 2-3 months now, and have seen improvements. What's mostly left are red marks, and they're said to dissapear within a few months. Though the red marks did increase in the redness last night since I ate something, that I'm allergic to... (stupid, I know!) So should I use this regimen? (And is the starter kit the one I should buy or what?) The faster the answer/answers the
  12. I've heard, that peanutbutter affects your acne or gives you more pimples. Is this true? If so, then I'm screwed... I ate that shit 2-3 days ago.
  13. Spoil yourself with all kinds of new clothing, new hairstyle and such. It helps - trust me. Or go out with your friends for a drink or something. Watch a movie, have fun. It takes your mind off things. And don't cut yourself. That is serious and dangerous.
  14. A dane here... though orginally from Pakistan. I love Denmark!
  15. Clear skin... Who needs money, when you've already got money? Besides... My face keeps me from doing a lot of things with my friends and family. So my face is top priority right now.