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  1. no it's a Bible College. i can't date until 4th quarter....the last 2 months of school. it sucks. ...BUT the last 2 months are in 2 months so its all good, we're willing to wait
  2. i used to come to this site...i used to whine about my skin too (which is still like always and isnt improving)...and i used to try proactiv solution...dan's regmine...clearisol this and acne-away that...but nothing helped me. then i stopped going to these sites because i lost interest, stopped searching for the acne miracle cream, stopped being a weiner online and constantly trying to make my face flawless, and NOW my life is coming together. acne doesn't stop you from doing anything. YOU stop
  3. lol i meant to say "pea" sized amount
  4. well, i am using proactiv right now but i'm not using it the way they tell you to...mainly because my skin reacted worse than they said it would, plus they make you put a LOT of chemicals on your skin....grossed me out. instead, all i do is wash my face with the renewing cleanser in the morning and night (about a pee size amount), and then i shave if necessary, and THEN i put a pee sized amount of their bp stuff (the little white bottle) on each cheek and chin & forehead. my skin looks way
  5. i have/had mild acne and some advice i can giv eyou nuclear is: 1) most of these acne 'regime's' will dry up your skin so make sure u buy a moisturizer too, or u may regret it 2) (from personal experience) DON'T pop pimples, or PICK your face. can't tell you how much that helped me. i didn't even realize it until i came here that popping pimples is baaaddd, i used to pop every single one i had each night b4 bed without even considering the consequences...now i stopped and they've left me 80%.
  6. i know it isn't that bad, but it was beginning to get worse so i decided to check with the forums before freaking out and spending big $$ on products. since i know i overreact to these sorts of things, i thought it would be best to clear it up here first. no pun intended. thanks to everyone for replying, totally helps self-confidence.
  7. Since i keep thinking it's getting bad, and others seem to agree, i need to know from people who have had it themselves and know from experience...is this 'derm' worthy or should i wait it out? thanx for your opinion...still considering Dan's Regime btw
  8. the topic pretty much sums it up. i used this acne medication (PanOxyl) and it dried my skin up beyond comprehension, to the point of where i could hardly move my face (and it was numb). so i put a very small amount of vaseline on it and now it feels and moves much better, but i'm not sure what to expect. btw: i considered using dan's regime but theres no BP in my area (isolated town) so i'm considering a money-order cheque (cuz no credit cards) to ProActiv instead since they seem to be quite g
  9. to be honest i started this topic with a different idea in mind but it flowed the wrong the way and by the time i was done i had realized i was totally off topic, but i figured i'd post it although it wasn't near up to par. sorry for the huge generalizations and whoops for being dumb. i'm deleting this topic if i can actually, but thanks to you two for relying...i guess.