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  1. Yesterday i drank a cup of green tea and then to my surprise...in the next day i had a breakout! I heard that green tea was good for acne because it had some kind of anti inflamatorry thing! Another thing i thought was that the tea i drank was flushing out all the bad stuff in my face...help please
  2. In the past months when i didnt follow my regimen I would stay alot of time in the sun =S And my red marks would fill up with pus again and never go away! But now I dont pick at my face , i only wash 2 times per day, and my red marks are improving little by little every day! By the way can you tell me some fruits that can help my acne?
  3. Should I use some lemon juice on my skin ? I read in some threads that its good for the skin! need some help here people :'(
  4. You see the thing is... i almost have no pimples at all, but I have alot of noticeable red marks and they dont seem to disapear! I started to drink more water and using some lemon juice on the water and i have seen some slight improvements, but the question is...how can i make the red marks disapear quickly?!
  5. That sounds like a good metod, but what do you think about using lemon juice on your face to dry it out ? I didnt try it yet but people say its gud for your skin and gives it a glow
  6. I mix some fresh lemons with water and it seems that its making my red marks to dry faster! I havent tried using lemon juice on my face yet though...because i'm a little afraid that it doesnt work out and only makes me break out worse
  7. I was wondering if using lemon and appliying it topicaly is of any good ? I read in this forum that it helps in some way! Advice any one ?
  8. My cleanser is Lutsine Bactopur and my mosturizer is Nivea Visage Young Control Shine. That's it, I appreciate all you guys help
  9. well but my bacne cleared out after a few weeks of my grandma putting etilic alcohol in a piece of cotton and rubbing it in my bacne every night (she is a farmaceutic) it really did wonders and my bacne went away just like that! But now some little zitts are apaearing again!!
  10. I havent gone to a derm yet...I might go make an apointment soon if my acne continues to get worse
  11. I think im getting enough fresh air because i have classes in the morning so i get out of home really early and spend the hole day out then i get home have lunch and almost all the time i go hang out with my friends! I also ussualy keep my windows open so i can catch some sunlight (not too much) and have a slight breeze
  12. well i think i have a moderatedly oilly skin, its a little bad, one or two cysts now, some pustulles and quite a few innactive/healing pustulles too, its almost all in my cheeks i have slight break outs on the chin, last year I had alot of bacne and now i have almost none, but i had less face acne damn they traded places --' and yes my mom had alot of acne and my dad i dont know but he has some scars
  13. damn right! I keep going to the bathroom like in each half hour! But one thing I notice is that when I drink alot of water, the next morning when I wake up I have more energy than I did when I didnt drink almost any water at all! I would feel like a freakin zombie the whole day lol
  14. give up sandwiches ??? But i love them! I eat like 4 sandwiches per day! It's gonna be tough but I rather have a hungry stomach than a bad skin