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  1. Hello i have very bad skin, and i think it's dermatit or eczema .. i don't know maybe it's same...it's like alergia, but only on my face. i got very big depression ..people pleas help me
  2. What you mean tanning? i know that sun is bad for red marks...but what about solarium ?
  3. OMG !!!! ANYBODY PLEASE !!! if i have red marks, i can go to solarium ?
  4. Somebody can me answer, solarium is ok for red amrks or it can make more damage? ?!?!?!
  5. Anybody know, Solarium is it ok for red marks? maybe it can help? or i am wrong?
  6. I don't understand everybody speaking about ACV ( Apple Cider Vinegar ) it should be caps 500mg. or something another? i don't understand
  7. bravo

    Best Drugs

    I don't understand it's very hard for you all write some helpful info ?!?!?!? please
  8. Anybody know, at the moment i have 4 product....Intense Gel, Peter Thomas Roth Poten Botanical Skin Brightening Gel Complex, Skin Protecting Serum, and Emu oil. Wich product the best for ***** red marks/spots/scar. My skin sensitive PLEASE PEOPLE HELP ME FOR MY REDNESS I AM CRAZY ABOUT THIS
  9. When i wash my face with Dan's gentle cleanser and cold water, after my face very rednes !! very....and also i have red marks/spots like in photo...wich drug can help for it????? ANYODY PELASE
  10. People please give me some product to my face..look at this !!! for red marks/spots. wich product i should use??? please asnwer asap i am waitting and i wanna go to buy.....i am on accutanne, i wanna some product who will make less visible red marks
  11. EMU Oil Jojoba oil accutane will helps of my red marks/spots??? PLEASE PEOPLE WHO KNOWS?? THE BUST DRUG
  12. I have 100% same face, and i am very very tired...i don't know what i can do..i am on acuttane right now..but my face still sam..like you'rse...please people any advice
  13. Will Pure Australian EMU OIL helps for red marks/pots ?? wich product is good for redness, redmarks, and red pots ?!?