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  1. I havent used it in over a year. Is it too old? Will it ever get "too old"? Thanks in advance.
  2. Dammit... This is the worst news in a long time
  3. Hello. Well, I was away from my regimen in 3 weeks due to vacation in France. Before that, I had used the products of this site with great experience, and my skin had got completely used to it. I broke out a little on my vacation, which is pretty annyoing, but not why I created this thread. As mentioned, my skin was completely used to the BP, and I didnt think 3 weeks would change that. Now that I have started to use BP again, my skin is showing the signs it showed a year ago when I first star
  4. So I should just cleanse with normal water? Anyways, im not gonna go out spent money. My delivery of cleanser, bp and aha seems lost in the mail, and I paid sack of money already shipping it to Europe. Hopefully things will solve themselves. I really dont wanna spent another 50 bugs for something I shouldve had already
  5. that was an answer .... i could not ... use ?
  6. Hi guys. Im running out of cleanser, and it seems my delivery with some more got lost in the mail so, my question is, can I use BP without having cleansed my face?
  7. Hi guys. Im going to holiday soon, and I dont want to take all my entire regimen with me. Would I be able to stay clear if I just took my Acne.org AHA with me and put some of that on every night, maybe morning?
  8. I really like the lyrics in this song: Burhan G - Fly away http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__ahbCdeUto And this one is even better: OneRepiblic - Mercy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWFxW9-9HSg
  9. Dude, I think 6 times daily is way too much.. I don't think your skin will benefit from it.. If it did, Im sure Dan would've recomended it a long time ago. If I were you I'd just stick with the original morning/evening routine.. Did you try AHA?
  10. I don't know whether AHA dries out my skin more or not, but I know that this combination works for me. Anyways, good luck.
  11. Im in my second month of the Regimen and I had really flaky skin in some periods. It hurt when making certain "moves with my face"(dont know how else to explain it). Again, it was very flaky at this time as well. Anyways, the part of where it hurt went away eventually, but I kept having flaky skin untill I received my Acne.org AHA and Jojoba oil and now I now I basically dont have a single flake. Before, I had to apply much mousturizer and still after maybe 4-5 hours of my day, the flakes would
  12. That won't be possible as it's in school.
  13. Alright. I do alot of sports and in some days I will do sports early in the morning and after that I need a shower. Maybe just 2-3 hours after I've applied BP and mousturizer. What would you do? Shower without washing your face, or just wash it all off? I think I'm just gonna shower without letting the water touch my face, but Im not sure. Any suggestions?
  14. Im in my second month of the Regimen and I had really flaky skin on the parts where I applied the most BP. I received my AHA and Jojoba oil the other day and now I can keep my flaky skin under control. Actually, the flakes has reduces significally, which is great. Before, I had to apply much mousturizer and still after maybe 4-5 hours of my day, the flakes would break through the layer of mousturizer and I'd get comments on it. Some small kids even asked if I had sand in my face. Haha! Anyways,
  15. I iced a spot on my nose for two weeks and I thought I had control of it, but sloooowly it just got bigger. Then I went to holiday for 2,5 weeks(without icing) and it still didn't disappear. Actually it looked almost the same before I went to holiday. I kinda think I just prolonged the entire process, when icing it, and when I got home I decided to pop it even though it only had a very tiny head, the pus came out right away. That was a good decision, as the red mark, 4 days later, is almost gone
  16. Alright. I will be leaving for a very important trip for 3 days tomorrow, which is fantastic. What's not fantastic is that I am starting to get a pimple on my nose! One of the big ones! I felt a little pain on a spot a few days ago, and started icing it every morning and night for 5-10 mins after washing my face, but befure applying cleanser. After the icing I put more BP on the spot on my nose than usually. I will dot ANYTHING in the world to make sure this fella on my nose won't go up and ruin
  17. Haha, what can I say. You took out out of my mouth. All my friends are also eating tons of junk food(even my friends with acne lol), but I am really determined that I want acne out of my life, so I try to eat as healthy as possible. Sometimes, I do eat junk food, but that is at worst only once a month. If someone offer me something I know I shouldn't eat/drink I simply turn them down. I don't care what they may think of me. That I'm healthy lol. Seriously, being healthy is almost something y
  18. Hi there.. lately I've had quite a few dreams/nightmares about my acne. My acne is not so bad at the moment. Right now I'm clear of active spots, and I don't know if that's the reason. The last weeks I've had a few dreams/nightmares about my acne. In the dreams I would get some pretty bad breakouts, which really just made me so down. And then I wake up, relieved that it was only a dream. The worst part is that there are some people who goes through, what only happens in nightmares to me Any
  19. Should I apply AHA on spots? Or all over my face? Or how does it work?
  20. Alright. I have been using the DKR regimen for a month now. I decided to order some Acne.org Jojaba Oil and som Acne.org AHA. When and how do I use them in my regimen? Help would be appreciated. cheers.
  21. Any help on above question ?
  22. Benhi


    Ah, thanks for the advice, but I don't know if it's worth the risk :)
  23. Yeah, Ive been through it .. I've had like 5 on the front of my nose and maybe 3-4 on the side of my nose the last few years(big ones). Its absolutely devastating! It really sucks, and all you do is wishing that this big Godzilla on your nose would leave. I have one classmate who liked to comment when I had a huge pimple. One day when I got into class as the last pupil, just before the teacher was coming. The guy who finds it incredibly funny to comment my zits, was on one side of the room, an
  24. Hi there. Moisturizer sunscreens may not offer you enough protection against the hot sun in Morrocco. They're typically SPF 15. I would recommend something with at least SPF 30. Copper-Tone Oil-Free and Banana Boat Sunblock are good choices, and I believe both are SPF 30. Both are also noncomedogenic, and you'd wear over the top of Dan's moisturizer. Not sure if either of these will go on completely clear, though, so you may want to try them out before your trip and see if they'll work for you.