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  1. Sorry... let me clarify. By "clear" I meant free of active breakouts. It's NOT clear in terms of the marks left behind... hence why I'm entertaining the possibility of trying the microdermabrasion again.
  2. Hi all! A brief background on my acne situation - I had it moderately in my teens, it cleared up in college, then it came back again in my early 20's. I finally went on a 6 month Accutane regimen which cleared most of it up. It started coming back again a little bit a few months ago (after being off Accutane for about 6 months) and now I'm maintaining 99% clear skin with solodyn and diffrin gel. A couple years ago before biting the bullet and going on accutane, I had received [HORRIBLE] advice
  3. 155lbs on 40mg of accutane (I was on sotret the first month but now in my 2nd month I'm taking amnesteem since the pharmacy was out of sotret. It's been 4 days and I haven't noticed a difference)
  4. Actually some people DO need antidepressants, and for most people, they DO work. You're right... you're not a doctor and I don't think it's fair of you to judge how people live their lives. You are entitled to an opinion, but don't try to push your beliefs on others... you don't know them and what they may have been through. Antidepressants have improved the quality of life for so many people. I may agree with other arguments against prescribing medication for depression... but not that you're
  5. I take lorazepam when I fly too (on top of my regular anti depressant)... but I don't fly too often anymore. Good to know that it's ok to take while on accutane! I was going to ask my derm about that...
  6. Yeah I hate blood tests too... I'm such a baby. I have to lay down for 10 min right afterwards so I don't pass out!!! But if this accutane stuff works then it's worth it I did get a headache the other night that continued to nag me even after 600mg of ibuprofen. But it finally went away the next day. And whether or not it was the accutane... Can't say for sure. As long as these headaches don't happen often I can deal.
  7. Haha I have no problem just saying what I'm on here. Right now I'm on 50mg/day of pristiq which is fairly new... But similar to effexor. I guess my need to be on it is more for anxiety than depression at this point. But either way... My derm didn't have a problem as long as my psychaitrist didn't. As far as an IB... I'm not sure if I had one... I had a period of a couple weeks about a week after I started where I broke out but it really wasn't much worse than usual. I'm going to my derm on weds
  8. I'm on an anti depressant and all my derm required is that I get a note sent to them from my psychaitrist saying that I was mentally stable enough to go on accutane. Then I was ok to go on it!!
  9. strachml

    Accutane progress

    My journey on Accutane (sotret).
  10. I actually was in the middle of my laser hair removal treatments when I decided to start accutane. I had finished 4 but still have 2 more to go. The med spa I go to also told me to wait 6 months after I'm done with the accutane to start with my final 2 treatments. I guess it sucks to wait so long but I'd rather not chance getting burns on my face or having some other kind of horrible reaction
  11. I'm on accutane and an antidepressant right now. So I guess yes, you can! (at least my doctors said it was fine...)
  12. Aquaphor healing ointment for the dry, cracked lips hands down. I started using Purpose Gentle Cleanser 3 weeks ago when I started accutane and I've been liking that so far too.
  13. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I think I'm going to try a humidifier since my nose feels so dry and crusty inside it's uncomfortable! Hopefully it doesn't cause nosebleeds like it seemed to do for you, Adrienne! I guess I'll do some more experimenting to determine if the alcohol is really the culprit for my stomache aches (I haven't had any separate from these 2 incidents I refered to). If it turns out to be... then... weird!!! Thanks again
  14. Hi all! So 2 things... 1) Has anyone experienced a crazy stomach ache within minutes after drinking something alcoholic??? I started accutane less than 3 weeks ago and this past week I had a drink with dinner a couple times (I know, I know, you're not supposed to drink on accutane)... within minutes of my first sips, I got weird stomach pains that lingered for a couple hours afterwards. I know I've seen on the boards here that a lot of people will experience more intense hangovers, feel the