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  1. i personally used to take flax seed and other "natural" fish oils with little results.. but after switching to moxxor it has helped my skin tremendously. Moxxor is proven in studies to ease inflammation a LOT better than flax seed/oil and fish oils. Check it out here *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *
  2. green lipped mussel oil > borage oil in terms of helping information you can check out the scientific studies here *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *
  3. i take Moxxor Omega 3 Green Lipped Mussel Oils instead of regular fish oils.. definitely helped a lot with my skin.. made it less inflamed and more soft.. you can find more info about em here *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *
  4. MyMoxxor.com/steven to check out HIGH QUALITY green lip mussel oil (omega 3)!

    also check out


    if you want to be a member of the natural news team and become a DISTRIBUTOR of Moxxor.. you can make good money in the future by enrolling now since the company is still young. contact me if anyone has any question

  5. "but in general remember...food doestn have to taste good, it has to work good smile.gif" ^^ i second that.
  6. good to know you are a natural news reader

  7. get one of the better tasting whey proteins and take it with plain water.. usually the all natural whey proteins taste better since it doesnt contain artificial ingredients
  8. yea it aint THAT easy to gain muscle haha
  9. what whey you take? i think meats cause acne for me =( i need other ways to get the protein if i dont eat meat.. cant drink whey for every meal or ill go broke
  10. ok since you got a phd i got a question, how fast do you lose muscle if you take less than 1g of protein a day for people that exercise and whats the limit on protein for excess nitrogenous waste to affect the kidneys? and considering 3 days of fasting which is = 7500 missed calories for those 3 days for an average bodybuilder seems a lot.. which would seem logically equivalent to 2 pounds of lost muscle.. not saying youre wrong, im just using logic
  11. shoulda just replied under my post with the fasting lol but anyways grats
  12. whatever to please the ladies hahah jk but anyways it aint just for abs, its for overall health too so its worth it. Plus i spend only an hour in the gym each time i go too sometimes 45 mins, etc. Its possible to achieve a good body without spending too much time in gym as long as nutrition is good. Also i am snow you didnt eat at all for 3 days..? damn that sucks.. cant imagine doing that lol thats why i asked with fruits and vegetables at least to stay off hunger.
  13. hmm.. interesting.. imma try this out tomorrow since i dont have problems drinking huge amounts of water. Ive already been drinking 16 ounces of water upon waking and another 16 ounces with my protein shake and another 16 ounces of water after that for my multivitamin.. so wouldnt hurt to chug it all at once haha.
  14. good luck getting all the protein
  15. anyone ever fast on nothing but fruits and vegetables for 3 days + and experienced no muscle loss? Since the body is getting no protein during the days with fast.. i don't think theres a way to prevent muscle loss while letting the body repair and heal itself during those fasting days.. just wanted to know everyone's opinion on this, thanks.