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  1. yo! my accutane log buddy!! skins doing great since accutane man, just maintaining right now with dan's stuff. how bout you? looks like you're pretty clear now too!

  2. how's the skin? looking good from the profile pic. take care.

  3. Totally finished my update- even included a video! I will stop profile stalking you and leave The Org for today. Take care =)

  4. Hello, Hello! It has been so long since I posted. I kinda feel bad because I always have good intentions of coming back here. Sooooo.... let's talk skin Routine Towards the end of November I picked up a new face wash- Neutrogena's Visibly Even Foaming Cleanser. I like it a lot! It's pretty gentle. In regards to hygiene, 95% of the time I wash my face once a day while I'm showering. I'm not using my Men's Eventone Glycolic Texturizer (from Moore Unique) as often either. Instead I've been app
  5. Oh wow, it's been forever! I've been really good, haven't had too much of a need to visit the Org lately, thankfully. How have you been? =)

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    2. Deadbeat007


      I'm so sorry for not replying, I didn't see this! Wow, so you're about done with school? I still have a few years of college to go. And yes, my skin has been really good for a couple years, though I'm having some trouble lately, so I'll probably be stopping by the Org a little more often. =)

    3. NoTanSuperman


      No worries at all ;)

      I actually thought that my talks of "rabbit traps" sent you running LoL! Well, I'm not quite done with university. The nursing program & I have been quarreling so by the end of the semester I will probably be a liberal arts major again HaHaHa I'll graduate earlier than expected. Maybe the end of this year if I don't adventure off anywhere.

    4. NoTanSuperman


      *I know what you mean about stopping by the Org, I have been meaning to post pictures on my accutane log since October. Since I'm here now I think I will grab my camera and do that.... right....... now! I'm glad you're doing good & I hope you skin gets nice again very soon x)

  6. Hey there Lauren! How have you been? It's been so long!

  7. Super happy for you. Even with all the dryness I have to agree that accutane is awesome. Your skin looks great too! I hope your joints are back to normal. I remember having to stop working out all together on my second course. Curious question: where did you spend your vacation in June? Congrats & Cuídate
  8. First and foremost I want to apologize for not replying. I don't know who remodeled Acne.org but they messed up all my notification settings. I do not like the new look either. The old look was simple and easy to navigate. I wish there was a "dislike" button." Sorry Dan! And thanks much for the luck SavedByGrace1. As for my regimen: I am just using a face wash, lotion, and my glycolic texturizer. My main problem area is my cheeks. For some reason they like to break out form time to time. I am go
  9. bond... james bond ;-)

  10. I like your new org pic :)

  11. Be patient jj...... tane works . You're just purging. I purged for almost four months and had the same thoughts. I remember a friend's daughter coming up to me and asking if I had chicken pox. I was definitely embarrased but I kept looking forward. Be as positive as you can and stay away from negative people. Don't look in the mirror for minutes at a time examining every nook and cranny of your face. Stay moist and if you have to do what I did: wear a mask of Eucerin around the house and look
  12. Soooooooooo it has definitely been a while. I've departed from the Dominican Republic, I've entered the nursing program at my university, I'm listening to Das Racist (youtube them), and I've even managed to dye hy hair some sort of chestnut color. I should have went blonde, but anyway LOL let's talk skin! Routine My skin has been doing very well. I get the occasional spot but I have a remedy for that. Besides washing my face with Mary Kay's TimeWise 3-in-1 cleanser I am also applying a Men's Ev
  13. I second The Heir's idea. Just be forward and honest. Besides you are giving him a compliment. I am assuming his acne is under control.