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  1. I am ecstatic that your previous statment is clearly false. The org would dearly miss you. Yours truly, some guy

  2. I dooooooo *kiss and makeup* What sign are you??? I'm curious

  3. I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to come across that way. Please accept my apology.

  4. hello bitch x how are you my love? you are 'unable to recieve messages' - what the fucks wrong with you?! :P

  5. I'm just overly sensitive, it sucks that people here judge sooo quickly. You seem like such a sweet girl, idk why it makes me :(

  6. Oh come on. Lighten up. I didn't mean anything by it. It's just a simple 'lol'.

  7. Wow thank you! That is very kind of you to say! ^ _ ^

  8. I'm obsessed with your smile, I swear to god every time I see it I cannot stop staring. Platonic wife -_- (girl crush)