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  1. Anybody heard of or tried any of these products? They're made by a company called Ego Pharmaceuticals and include a foaming face wash and medicated gel. They're available OTC here in Australia and are widely available as well. The active ingredients in the face wash are centrimide (1.0%) and chlorhexidine gluconate (0.5%), while the gel is an oil-free invisible gel with azelaic acid (20%). The package says to apply a thin layer of the gel to affected areas twice a day. Was thinking of switchin
  2. Does anybody know of any good salicylic acid products available in Australia? Specifically in Melbourne? There's a lot of regular OTC products like Neutrogena, Oxy pads, etc, but all of these contain irritating ingredients and aren't pH balanced. I used to use SpectroJel Moisturizer for Blemish Prone Skin back home, but it's only sold in Canada. I really can't order anything online, as I'm moving around a lot here and can't afford the shipping prices anyways. I've been using BP for years and I
  3. I've recently changed my eating habits over the last week and am already noticing a big difference in my acne. I had been taking azithromycin for about a month while following the regimen and exfoliating with AHA, and was still having problems with my skin. However, since I've changed my eating habits, my skin has been looking much better, and the occurrence of new pimples has dropped quite noticeably. I haven't gone too drastic or anything, just some common sense diet changes. I cut out excessi
  4. I've been prescribed azithromycin by my doctor to combat my mild-moderate acne. I've been on the BP regimen on and off for years, and also use (near daily) glycolic acid lotion to exfoliate. I've been prescribed doxycycline in the past (did nothing, actually made acne worse once I came off it), as well as Septra. After taking Septra for a month, the side effects became too much to handle (severe nausea, lack of appetite, etc), so my doctor prescribed azithroymcin instead, 250mg, 3x per week. I'v
  5. I've been on Dan's Regimen on and off for a few years now. At the moment, my regimen includes washing my face twice a day with Spectro Jel, applying 2.5% BP twice a day, moisturizing in the morning and applying Dan's AHA lotion at night. On top of this, I have been taking 250mg of azithromycin three times a week for the last month, and have a month left to go on my cycle. My acne is mild-moderate, but there are always new pimples popping up, even with the azithromycin added to the BP/AHA. But th
  6. Interesting post. Im not trying to save money and I wouldn't be using a 10% cream, so that's not an issue for me. So I guess the only thing that I have to worry about is finding a moisturizer that will allow absorption of the BP. Not sure exactly what the requirements are for a base that would allow absorption, but I was going to mix Complex 15 moisturizer with Spectro 5% BP (it's a lotion, so it would mix quite well with the moisturizer). Might have to just give it a try, I know I've heard of a
  7. I'm leaving for a backpacking trip in about a week, and my trip is not always going to allow me a lot of time to do the regimen. Currently I just wash my face in the morning (and moisturize if I have to), and then at night I wash my face, apply BP, and moisturize. Would it be alright to mix the moisturizer with a 5% BP lotion to get a 2.5% BP moisturizer? I figure this would save time because it would take care of two steps at once (treatment and moisture) and I wouldn't have to wait around for
  8. I'm planning on going through Croatia in November, I can hardly wait to see Plitvice, it looks amazing. I'll probably be spending some extra time in the Netherlands, so I'll definitely try some fresh herring while I'm there. I bought some new fish oil today, it's brand called Ascenta Nutra Sea. They make some pretty highly concentrated capsules as well, so I might consider those if the oil is good. But they were in a refrigerator with the oil, so I hope I can take them with me unrefrigerated.
  9. Backpacking through Europe . Been wanting to do it forever, finally decided to just save up all my cash this summer, combine it with the contents of my savings account and take off in the fall. I read that since the oil in the capsules aren't exposed to the air, they don't have to be refrigerated, so I will probably just buy a couple big bottles and stick them in my backpack. Hope it doesn't weigh too much, gonna have to carry it across 10+ countries. But I guess the load will get lighter an
  10. Haven't been back to the boards in a while, so here's my story. Scroll down to the second paragraph if you're not interested in hearing it. I had tried using fish oil at one point, but it only made me breakout worse. They were fish oil capsules that I bought at a pharmacy, they seemed old and smelled kind of rancid. I wasn't using BP at the time, tea tree oil instead. I switched back to BP and quit taking the oil capsules, and I was able to maintain satisfactory skin (as is the case when I use
  11. Can I ask why you think I should switch to Cetaphil? I still have some lying around my place somewhere, but I really don't want to use it again. I always thought that it was too heavy and greasy for my skin, and may have even contributed to breakouts. Will using too much of Dan's moisturizer have a negative effect?
  12. I've been using AHA for a little over 2 months now, so I guess I figured my skin could handle it. I've also been back on BP for the same amount of time, just with smaller amounts, which led me to think that I could get away with continuing to use AHA as I started to follow the regimen precisely. BTW, I'm using Alpha Hydrox Oil Free Formula, so it is just a 10% glycolic solution. I've decided that it would indeed be a good idea to give my skin a break, so I'm just going to wash and cleanse my fa
  13. I've been following the regimen on and off for a couple years, but just recently started using Dan's products and using large amounts of BP (that is, the amounts suggested by the regimen). I've been following the regimen precisely for about 3 weeks now, and my skin is unbelievably dry. I also got a slight sunburn a few days ago, which probably hasn't helped the situation. I'm using Dan's moisturizer, so I do have jojoba oil in my regimen. I also apply an AHA lotion every night, so I'm including
  14. Cool, thanks for the information, exactly what I was trying to find out.
  15. I recently started back on the DK regimen and also use an AHA product at night (which I've been doing for a couple months as well). Since I'm using AHA, I need an SPF product for those sunny days. I have been using Paula's Choice Skin Ballancing Mattifying Lotion SPF 15 on and off since I started using AHA, but I've just recently started clearing up again since going back on the regimen. My question is, does anybody know if this Paula's Choice product is non-comedogenic? It doesn't specificall