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  1. lol,. cheers 4 the long ass post, gd 2 see the tanes goin well, my mates on it..he got rlly chapped lips, but the results r amazing. err to get high? well, assuming u buy by the 8th, u should get 8 spliffs out of it, so..yeh..divide and smoke? some weed jst gives u headaches, it sucks, but yeh...im gettin drunk slash cained on sat for a halloweeen party, shd be sweet, how much do u pay for an 8th in the u.s? its £20 here, so..um..nearly 40 bucks? anyway, its like, 1 in the morning here so..g
  2. lol, sweet...yeh if this doxy doesnt work full time then accutane might be an option, i live in the Uk, where bouts r u? yeh smokin weed or anythin else shouldnt effect your skin that much, jst..lay off te chocolate, altho munchies is a bitch. Never had a spliff? hardcore, cant u roll? hemp skins, ahhh, dribble, .. .. so hard to find here. so good, tho. u havin any side effects from tane? heard its pretty narly. and, isnt there like a no alcohol policy on accutane? think maybe there is on doxy
  3. ok, well..its comin upto a month now, and im totally clear stil have red marks but their fading fast with b5 at night, hope it stays like this.....lol glad to see someone has replied, yeh doxy seems to be working well for me. stil smokin up , really need to give up, lol 5 hours? sweet, .,only lasts like...3 hours at the most for me, lol shrooming, tried it once, never again, plus they taste nasty. but yeh, keep the doxy slash drug posts goin, power to the weed izzo
  4. ok, so..seeing as no-one is replying!! lol ., guess this diary is jst 4 me. have no actuive spots stil, but red marks are very much stil there. Anyone have any secret tricks for gettin rid of them ? come on.. post. lol.. izzo
  5. hey, i took b5 for about 6 months, at 10g a day...it works wonders...but here in the UK its £9 for 100 500mg tablets, so spalshing out £9 every 5 days jst got way too expensive for me..it sucks now im on doxy. good luck man
  6. lol, sweet, yeh i smoked up last night, didnt seem to have an effect cos now i have no active acne...just red marks. I'd love to go on accutane but i dont think my acne is bad enough for it to be prescribed to me...and the possible side affects kinda scare me. but v happy 4 u...hope it keeps improving. izzo
  7. ok, update... um..well, its been what..a few weeks now? progress is good, few tiny new whiteheads but nothin major...scars are healing well, seems to be working nicely., ive stopped taking the b5 now..due to financial reasons lol, b5's a rippoff in the uk. anyway...yeh..let me know if your on the same thing or have any questions or info for me. izzo
  8. ok, so its been..what...a week? or somethin.....very good progress..only very small whiteheads have surfaced since been on doxy..and they get terminated b4 i go to college lol. im taking 2.5g of b5 at night to help heal my skin..works wonders...totally understand that whole feelin sick after takkin doxy on an empty stomach..took it yesterday....ouchhh.. im gona eat...wait 2 hours or so then take it from now on....il keep u posted...someone reply!! grr
  9. hey, im on doxy..only one pil a day tho ..wish i was prescribed more..see my doxy post, am seeing results even after a week ...do u know if taking b5 with this is dangerous? even like..taking it 6 hours ofter doxy? thanks..izzo
  10. hey, thanx for the input, took it on an empty stomach a few times, and no pain...yet... seeing slight improvements, even after a week , i only have mild acne anyway...and im taking 1g of b5 before bed...which definately helps with healing, altho..im pretty sure yr not sposed to take it when on doxy..doh..o welll, yeh...keep me posted guys..
  11. thanx 4 the input, how much doxy were u taking, i only took my second pil today, no problems so far. Dont think my acne is bad enough for accutane, ..so doubt they wil prescribe it to me. im on 100mg doxy per day..is i true yr not sposed to take it wih food, cos on the leaflet it say tke with food or drink..hmmmmmm
  12. o yeh, can someone tell me if smokin weed will affect it in any way, please say no...pleeese.
  13. hey, im 18 and was prescribed doxy today. To be honest, the stuff ive read about it and people that have used it doesnt fill me with confidence..so..any success stories out there?/? i only have mild acne...ive had great success with b5 in the past but its jst too damn expensive, and all that pill poppin kills me. does ayone know if taking doxy and b5 together is ok? please tell me of your experiences with doxy, il try and post as often as i can to update u..i dont expect any results in the firs
  14. ah man, do u know y i havnt posted for a few days? cos ive been on the frookin toilet for about ten years with this b5 lol...me think i need to eat more fibre with my b5 , heh b5 stil workin great tho..thanx for the link to the site, il give it a bash
  15. hey, im on b5, about 5g a day so same as u, im in the uk. cost so much over here, its £12 for 90 500mg pils..sucks. But anyway..ive been on it for about 2 months now and am totally clear now, i only had mild acne anyway, but with using b5 oik production is almost none, this makes moisturing a must, im using a moisturiser containing b5 which is a bonus. I find takin it before bed works the best, not sure why but it does. Im using the b5, loreal pure skin facial wash with salitic acid and nto e
  16. hey, i was on b5 about 6 months ago, then student finance..so..um..no finance..ran out, so expensive here in england. anyway , im back on it now and am seeing immediate results, i only have very mild acne , but yeh..acne's acne eh. know what u mean about initial breakouts, i noticed that, u know u can see if your gona get a spot comin up in a certain place soon, well b5 seems to just speed the process up so the next mornin, wahoo there it is...however, afer a few days/weeks new spots become a ra
  17. hey, um, 1st post for me... i only suffer from minor acne, maybe 5 or 6 spots a week tht go away pretty quick, have jst tried b5 for the last 3 weeks, only taking 2 grams i nthe day and 3 at night..works so well...have been totally clear for 2 weeks now, has shrunk my pores aswel making my skin look and feel alot smoother..only downside is a bit dry but moisturiser sorts that out..its nothin compared to the dryness of bp etc. jst wondered if anyone else has had success with this. my b5 is com