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  1. Lol...I think it's hilarious how all these guys are analyzing us girls. I think I know what I'm talking about when I say that all girls are not shallow. Not all girls are gold diggers. Not all girls are trying to build to a guys ego. I'm not gonna make a guy feel better by pampering them and what not. I dont look to a guy to clean up my past, and comfort me. Believe it or not...alot of girls can take care of themselves.
  2. JPizzle: Chances are, there is a girl out there who feels awkward around guys because she has low self esteem too. How do you feel when a pretty girl walks up to you and talks to you, even if it's to ask a simple question? Do you get a lift? Shy? Hopeful even? Theres a girl out there that would die for a simple gesture like that also. Maybe theres a girl out there who's standing in your shoes who wants someone to speak with her. You never know who you might end up running into. Faith in yoursel
  3. Rocket: I use a photobucket account. It's easy to use. Basically when/if you have a photobucket (or any other photo sharing account) upload the picture you'd like to share and then copy the direct link (Is it the direct link?) onto a reply (here on the forum). Quite simple. Hope that helped. BTW Madworld...I love your smile! It's kinda cute! Reminds me of something fluffy and cuddly. ... Lol. I dont know! I'm strange like that.
  4. I'm confused. Did you date this girl...or do you just have a crush on her? Sometimes when you date someone first, it's a tad bit easier to forget about them (In my opinion). Of course, that all depends on the matter or the content of the relationship you both had. If you both argued alot, then it's going to be easy to forget about em. BUT, being dumped is another story. I think having a crush who doesn't know you like him/her and doesn't even realize you, makes the forgetting process ALOT hard
  5. Thank you MisterHealthMan! You've boosted my self esteem! This thread is really pretty sah-weet!
  6. I'd rather have a sweet guy over a vulgar, sex hungry, egotistic guy. Sweet guys are just plain BETTER.
  7. ... Airbrushed? I didn't even know they did that! I've done a little airbrush with some of my paintings...I can imagine how messy that stuff would get on your face. EEeeK! LOL...
  8. Album name says it all.
  9. ... Hey, Anachronism! I enjoyed our previous conversation about apples. SO FUNNY! But seriously...I WOULD totally do this whole apple/water diet thing with ya...only if you buy the apples! Lol... PS. Buy the green ones! Those are the best! Lol
  10. Hehe... I have the same problem. My friend Liz says I'm guy crazy, but that's a phase a middle schooler goes through...I'm a 17 year old in High school. Now we call it "desperate". In my case...I guess thats true. I'm desperate for affection. That doesn't mean I'm easy...it just means that I like to be liked! When some guy comes up to me, flashes me a big smile and comments on my shirt, hair, shoes, jewelry, music taste, fashion sense, or even the darn book I'm reading...I immediatley think he'
  11. Jiggy- Your absolutley FAB! Hair's great, Teeth are nice and pearly () and you've got a cool sly look to ya. Like you know you're the Shiznit! Lol Deven- Your gorgeous darls! Love the eye shadow! Judging by the bangs of your hair...your quite suave! You look like the graceful, sophisticated type! Alright...MY TURN! Be honest! This ones the nasty one...It's all on my CHIN! AHHHHH http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d187/Mar...es/IMG_0659.jpg This ones a better shot...(with makeup). http://i3
  12. Personal Experience: I like a guy...(lets call him JohnDoe)... John was a sweet guy. Beside the fact that he smoked cigarettes (and anything else he got his hands on) and the occasional drink, he was my ideal guy. I met him my sophmore year in Highschool, and I've had a thing for him up until my junior year. We flirted alot, and then one day he wrote me and said "I can see myself falling in love with you." At the time...I wanted to write back and say that I had fallen in love with him already.