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  1. Thanks again to everyone for the help - I'll try the C&C scrub. Good luck to all, brewer
  2. Thanks again - I know I should be thankful that this is my only problem, and I am. There seems to be some conflicting advice, and if not for me, then for another person looking here for the first time, would you say to go with the two C&C products exclusively? That's what I'm about to do. Thanks again, brewer
  3. Thanks again folks, you're helping me overcome a long-term problem. I've only just found the courage to talk to people about this, thank God for the Internet. I'll let you know how it goes! I'll probably go with the C&C. Best wishes, brewer
  4. Thanks a lot for your reply - I'll get onto it straight away! If anyone else would care to chip in, it would be greatly appreciated! And good luck yourself! Best, brewer
  5. hello all, this is my first post, so by way of introduction: i'm 26, male, and since teenage years i've had blackheads on my nose. they almost totally cover my nose, and it seems like i have chronically open pores, if that's possible! the funny thing is, i'm only now beginning to confront this, it's weird even typing these words. that's why i joined the forum. it's really starting to get to me now, as i notice that almost nobody else has my problem. i notice how ugly it looks, and i'm sure it'