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  1. What's with this blue/red light? Is this ultraviolet and infrared? I have infrared lamps, and my mom has this ultraviolet thing she uses, but it's not really "light" its like, a zapper. It zaps you. Know what im talking about? Is this stuff the same as this red/blue light everyone is talking about? Edit: Well I know the ultra violet zapper is obviously not the same, I meant does it work equally well.
  2. Im sorry, but just because some of you don't break out from it, doesn't mean coffee is okay for everyone. I drank a lot of coffee for two days straight, and it resulted in the worst break out I've had in months. I used no sugar or cream, or even artificial sugar. I looked into it, and found out that caffeine raises stress levels (cortisol) which...obviously in NOT good for the skin. Please stop defending coffee, IDK maybe a little is okay for some people, but CAFFEINE is not good for your ski
  3. fish oil reduces immflamation and stuff. And yes, coke can/ affect your skin because of how much sugar is in it. Sugar is one of the things that everyone pretty much agrees will aggravate your skin. Sugar is bad. That and milk.
  4. A little update: Last night I stuck my finger in the pepper and actually spot treated with it. I put it on developing whiteheads and some were already a little white. At first nothing happened, and then I got extreme pain in my face, and the areas I applied it became extremely inflamed. I waited an hour, put a small amount of emu oil where there was burning, and went to sleep, thinking I made a huge mistakem, and it would irritate my acne. When I woke up, my skin was back to normal, but the sp
  5. Capsaicin is the substance that is in hot peppers and gives it its "heat". Apparently, its a great anti-inflammatory, among many other things (including even reducing risks for cancer, especially prostate cancer) and I was told it might even be good for acne. Does anybody know if theres a connection here? I love eating hot food, and recently have been trying habaneros (one of the hottest chilies in the world) and was wondering how this might affect acne. Im even thinking of putting it on a few s
  6. hmmm, All the SA products Ive used have made no difference at all, and ive been on the clean and clear ones too.....glad this works for you though!
  7. yeah I know what you mean about the moisterizer......but I do wait 30 minutes, sometimes, wait like an hour.....and I only use a little bit of moisterizer (just enough to where I wont get flakes..) So Im pretty sure its the BP. Oh well, I think Id rather have this than the acne I had before.....just wish there was a way to have normal skin.....
  8. Ive been on the regimen for somewhere between 2 and 3 months, and I still havent been able to use 2 pumps twice a day. In fact, I use ONE pump (sometimes I use like 1 and a half) ONLY at night. Doing this keeps my skin ALOT clearer than it was before the regimen, even though I still get zits. But thats not the problem, the reason I use the amount of BP I do is because it is making my skin look bad. Very red, and just plain.....bad...I can't explain it, it just makes me very red and makes it look
  9. THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME! she kept saying, "just use the BP you have in there, (10% cream stuff) She didnt get it. At all. Well I ended up paying for it, but I got her to promise if it works or shows improvement, she will buy it after that. And guess what? im just now running out of it (its been 2-3 months) and shes about to buy me more, because my acne is GONE.
  10. yeah like he said just stick with it, Im a 16 yr old guy with very very sensitive skin, and it worked for me in 2-3 months, Right now, im completely clear (NO active zits) when before I literally had like 20 active guys on me at all times. This regimen is amazing, just follow it closely. Also, be VERY gentle with your face when touching it, I beleive this helped alot too.
  11. okay ive heard of taking vitamin A, zinc, calcium, omega 3 fatty acids.....etc.. But is it possible that my acne is caused by a lack of B vitamins? I remember like 5-6 months ago, I got a big energy drink(no sugar) and I remember noticing that my skin seemed a bit clearer the next day. Well a couple days ago, I drank a 5 hour energy (with like 8333% b12, and some other b vitamins that I cant remember the %'s) and I noticed that, even though I skipped the regimen last night because I was so tired
  12. I disagree that it was the sun. Sun damages skin, I don't care what anybody says. The sun WILL make it appear as if acne is getting better at first, but ultimately, the sun is only another irritant. I believe it was the water. I was going to say salt water, until I realized it was fresh.....so my theory doesnt work anymore lol. BUT try salt water, really, its great for acne. Salt is great exfoliant.
  13. lol, thanks. Just got worried.
  14. I just had a medium blizzard from dairy queen....this is the first time Ive had a dairy product in months....and Im scared. I hope this doesnt break me out. Does anyone know WHY dairy is supposed to be bad for acne-prone skin?
  15. I dont think it breaks me out, but it does seem to make my face redder? Also, I cant really use much anyway because the BP never really absorbs into my skin and when I apply moisterizer, it kinda just, lays on top of the bp and doesnt sink in, it looks really bad until it dries lol. Reminds me of putting on heavy duty sunscreen or something, even though it is a very light moisterizer. If youre sure its breaking you out, you should switch, maybe to a cetaphil one.
  16. I hope it does too, but im not so lucky. Ive been on it 2 months and I still use as little moisterizer as possible, my skin doesnt like it.
  17. I do it exactly like that. Of course I use cleanser lol. I have not tried the AHA+ but I might check that out. I am very gentle with my cleansing, I pat dry, wait for it to dry before applying BP, everything. But the BP just doesnt absorb. It dries but it doesnt absorb. This is only using a pump too.
  18. I dont apply BP to areas that I am not acne-prone. No reason to. My left side is much much worse than right, but my right still has at least one all the time. So I apply it to both, but if My right was pretty consistenly clear Id save that BP.
  19. ugh, I wish I didnt have to moisterize, that would be great. But unfortunatly, my skin just gets dryer and dryer, ill just get some emu oil and see if that helps :\
  20. Ok well I don't use the regimen like I should. I only apply the BP at night, and only 1 pump of it. Its been about 2 months. My skin has never been clearer, even though I still have breakouts (At the moment I have like 2-3 active ones) But I used to be covered. The reason I dont use the BP as much as I should is because I know it will make me too red/dry. Even now. My face (especially my left cheek) is flushed looking all the time. Also, I dont use more BP than a pump because it DOES NOT ABSORB!
  21. if its so oily that you can take a thin paper toel/napkin to get it off, do that. If its not quite that oily, you can get these pads that soak up oil. They work very well.
  22. First of all, I should probably note that my dad has rosacea. But Im only 16, and I didnt think teens got rosacea? But my left cheek is always imflamed(sometimes worse than others) This is also the side where my acne is at its worse (by far, in fact, sometimes my right cheek has NO active ones, although there are plenty of scars) But my left cheek has had it bad every since I first got acne. Also, its not the whole cheek thats inflamed, but a section of it. Theres a definite cut off point where
  23. Thanks ill try one of those, maybe a bar (because I shave with the cleanser as well) I jsut hope it wont be too drying :\
  24. Hey I need some serious help. I just noticed yesterday that my cleanser is about to be out. The problem is, theres no way I can get a new bottle of it until like 2 weeks. I have no credit card, so I have to order it in the mail. What can I use as a substitute? Im very scared of breakouts.