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  1. I had a cortisone shot for what the derm said is a cyst on Thursday. As of right now, it does not seem like it has done anything. He prescribed me Duac in the morning and Tazorac at night, which he said is Accutane in a bottle. I'm scheduled to have a follow=up appointment in 2 months, but I don't believe the topicals will work tbh. My question is, should I go get a follow-up shot this week or let it go since the first one did not work? My derm also told me that if nothing worked he's prescri
  2. Since the end of May, I've had this pimple on the side of my face that is "soft" in a way, but if you press down on it, you feel something "hard" beneath the skin. Also, I can "move" the pimple around with my fingers *shudders*. There's no way to pop it becasue there seems to be no pus in it, but I want to know a way to get rid of it! My mom said she has a Derm appointment sometime between tomorrow and August 12th, when school starts. Any way to have this thing gone before August 12th?
  3. So I've been off Accutane(60mg) since last June(I think). The first few months after, I was clear, but gradually my acne has not been vanished forever and now is coming back a little. My derm put me on epiduo, but to ve honest it isn't doing sh**. I don't want to do antibiotics either because I know they won't ork. In the past, I've done EVERYTHING from prescription to OTC and Accutane is the only thing that has worked. As summer approaches, I want to be the clear confident guy I was before. So
  4. Thanks guys I will discuss going on the Tane again with my derm. My acne is being consistent on my cheekbones as well and the sides of my face. I just have to find a new derm since I moved cities.
  5. I finished Accuane in June, and my skin was clear until about the end of October to November. Now my acne is coming back sort of. I don't get big or painful bumps anymore, but lately(Like the past month), I've been getting bumps mainly on my forehead and on the sides of my face and cheeks again. I saw the derm in October and he gave me Epiduo but it isn't really helping at all... Any advice on what I should do? Second course? new topical? antibiotics?
  6. 1)6 months 2)mild/moderate 3)6 4)2 months 5)3-4 months
  7. Hit on every beautiful girl I see. AKA have a sh** load of confidence.
  8. I guess my skin's way more fragile Thanks for the advice.
  9. Yesterday I got cut BY A GATORADE BOTTLE on my nasal bone. It bled a lot but is a little better this morning. Will it scar, and what should I use on it? I have antibiotic, hydrogen peroxide, emu oil, TTO, etc. Thanks.
  10. Does oil work better than cream?
  11. 60mg a day. But yeah, I think I'll just go on, because I finish in the summer anyway. However, my dad only wants me on it for one more month due to me having basketball in the summer.
  12. I'm in my third month of accutane treatment, and I have basically NO more bumps! I'm scheduled to go 5 months, but my dad wants me to go 4 so I just don't have to take the Accutane snymore. All I have left are some marks on my face and back. My question is, should I continue with months 4 and 5, or should I finish this month and be done with it? Also, does anyone know if my red marks will fade after Accutane? They're nowhere near bad, just light reddish i guess ( They DO say Accutane makes your
  13. Same here dude. My upper abdominals feel compressed and it's hard to breathe sometimes. Is there anything to help it?