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  1. let me tell you man....vinegar helps. Don't be afraid of the smell....it really goes away in seconds hahahaha. PLUS, no one is going to smell your face. it really helps, do try it out if you have brown spots/hyperpigmentation
  2. Listen, I've tried Proactive....and it really didn't do much. BUT, you can continually use the first and last step of the 3 part treatment, and use VINEGAR, on your spots. I've been doing that, and it really helps. SUPER awesome peel. If your skin becomes too aggrevated from the stegth of the Vinegar, dilute it some, but not too much. I use white vinegar, check the vinegar thread. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...topic=4885&st=0
  3. hey....sometimes they make 'to be' pimples come out quicker Thus, ones those pimples passover, then you won't have any problems... just a suggestion
  4. it works...hahahaha its amazing...it really works. Oh yea, and make sure you cover up your vinegar. Once water starts evaporating, what you get is 2x and 3x solutions. OUCHIES
  5. has a lot of people been getting good results with these dark/red spots. Mine seem to going away fairly well. THANKS GUYS
  6. hey guys, I've been on the vinegar treatment for about 3 days, don't really see any difference, but I do have a question. Does the vinegar treatment work for red/dark spots that pimples leave behind? Cuz I have those and I'm just slapping it on like aftershave.
  7. but the question is....is it supposed to sting... -.-
  8. I have a couple of questions about this vinegar treatment. When you put it on, is it supposed to sting at first? Cuz mine doesn't sting at all, nor do I see any white skin cover. I leave it on for about 10-20 seconds. How long exactly do you leave the vinegar-soaked cotton ball on your scar? If using 1 in 3 dilution, how much do you guys usually make?