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  1. Bravura London's dermaflannel worked wonders on spots on my back and blackheads on my chest.
  2. Yeah i got the same thing, number of terrible deep nodules on one side of my chin, left some bad scars too. Only applying BP at night and only on the areas where i tend to get acne (chin+forehead). Had a wee read through Number1nerd's thread and yeah probably not using recommended amount but then I'm not using it all over my face either, I'd say I apply quite a lot to the areas where I do apply it. Overall think I will just try without the BP for a wee bit and see if it has any effect, my ma
  3. Hi all, i've been using my own version of the regimen for i guess about 5 months now and am thinking of dropping the BP but just thought i'd ask for some of your opinions on this beforehand as i know this leads to breakouts for many... When i first started using BP it seemed to be making some improvment to my skin, though maybe not as much as i would have liked, probably due to the fact i was only using it night. As my acne was really pretty mild most days BP twice a day seemed a bit extreme. O
  4. Sorry if this's already been answered but I don't have time to read through the whole of this thread. What's the best mandelic product (price wise and effectiveness wise) people have found in the uk? I really don't want to pay almost the same amount for shipping as for the product itself from skincarerx haha