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  1. they can't have anything to do with each other, because i play video games and lift weights. i weight lift for 10 hours a week and play video games for 10 hours a week( maybe a little more) and its not like im one of those guys who lifts weights so he can say he lifts weights, ive been doing it for 4 years and im 16 and i work out really hard a sweat a lot( i bench press 255lbs). Alos i eat as healthy as i can without eating the bark off a tree. so i don't see any relation between the 2 for my l
  2. you probalby got the HERPS, and if thats so you wont e having sex for a looooonnnnggg time
  3. yeah dude it doesn't look that bad, my skin is sort of like you but a little worse and a lot redder around the mouth and i get these 2 red circles under the end of my mouth and my chin gets red
  4. pretty much all im asking is why i have red areas under my mouth where i used to have bad acne and now just have mild acne
  5. im 15 and i have quite a bit of acne. i have like 6 little red pimples on my chin and like 10 red ones one the side of my face were i shve, i stopped though but they are still their. my forehead is clear and the shin on my nose has some black heads and thats it. and my neck has a couple but thats cause i was experimenting with shaving. now i used to have super bad acne around my mouth and its gone downb a lot but its my main concern. i used to get the bad ones right under the end of my lips and