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  1. Sounds to me like a very deep clogged pore. I had a few of those that were similar to what you're describing. The good news is that they didn't get worse or become inflamed or look all that apparent, the bad news is that they last a very long time. I read something about someone going to their dermatologist for an extraction and for the super deep clogs that are beyond the reach of typical extractions, the derm used some local anesthetic so that he/she could get deep enough to extract the clo
  2. I would DEFINITELY wear sunscreen. I use hawaiian tropics oil-free spf 30. As for the morning regimen, do whatever you normally do, but use either a moisturizer with sunscreen or use sunscreen on top of your regular moisturizer. typically, if I wear sunscreen and/or go swimming, I'll do my evening regimen a couple hours earlier than normal, just to get the sunscreen off my skin and get the BP and moisturizer that were rinsed away back on my skin asap. But like I said, that's just me. I'm as
  3. mild inflammatory acne. The regimen will probably do wonders for it if you give it enough time. As your dermatologist would tell you, your acne is not nearly bad enough to risk the sometimes serious side effects of accutane. Benzoyl Peroxide all the way
  4. The warts seem to have all disappeared, so I'm 99% sure it was just due to the tetracycline. Bear this in mind if you're considering a tetracycline prescription. I wouldn't recommend it
  5. If you do not already drink green tea on a regular basis, I highly recommend you start. Just like the majority of this website's users, I struggled with acne for a few years, tried lots of different products, got frustrated, thought nothing would ever help, etc. You know the drill. Once I found this website, I made 8 significant changes to my daily life, including the Regimen. The Regimen had an amazing effect on my skin that didn't really even begin to show until after at least two months
  6. Did a little more research and found this: "Two young women with multiple flat warts of the face are described in the present report. Both patients were receiving orally administered tetracycline for co-existing acne. After several months of tetracycline therapy, warts appeared and persisted in the first patient despite local treatment with peeling lotions, tretinoin, and liquid nitrogen. The acne completely disappeared. In the second patient, the warts were noted on the face only a month a
  7. Background: I had a few minor flat warts around my face a year or so ago, and they went completely away on their own. I started the regimen about 3 months ago and I'm very satisfied with my results so far. About a month ago my dermatologist put me on tetracycline (oral) and clindamycin (topical), just to completely clear me up so the regimen could keep me clear. I stopped tetracycline a couple weeks ago and it seems like right afterwards I got dozens of flat warts, worse than before. I've s