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  1. I've been doing this for less than a week now and my skin feels ridiculously great. No more redness! That was probably my biggest problem. Cold water also feels reaaaallly good after a work out too. I'm most definitely going to continue with this, thanks for the great idea!
  2. I've been trying to find bleach cream for a while now! I used to have a jar of it, it sounds like yours a little greasy, but I moved and the shop I got it from isn't very close. What I remember from it however, is that it would leave my skin red after I applied it (not an issue since I apply at night) and that it would make my whiteheads surface. Have you experienced any of this?
  3. I'll bet that using the oil straight is irritating your skin. I used to use it in my hair but it made my scalp super itchy. From what I've heard people put drops of it in their ACV, for scaring.
  4. I've been using for ACV for a while and am seeing good results, I have WAY fewer whiteheads and they are much smaller when they occur as well. It also is fading my scars pretty well. I never used Tee Tree because it seemed to irritate my skin a lot, which is odd because I use almost full strength ACV.
  5. That's really interesting, I've never heard of using bleach, but I'll try it out.
  6. How long ago did you squeeze it? If not very long at all then you just need to leave it alone and it should be gone in like an hour. I'm the same way, I poke at my skin, it just makes my marks redder.
  7. I'll look at myself in my own mirror, but when I'm out I avoid any reflective surface. I try to do it more often, just because I know avoiding mirrors can't be very good for my self esteem, but only when I'm alone. I guess I don't mind what I think about my skin, but when I know others can see me it freaks me out. Ahh, car mirrors are the worst! I think that's what got me too.
  8. Hmm, possibly eczema? I'm not too sure, but I believe that's what it looks like.
  9. I've been using lemon juice for, oh, about a month now. While it doesn't work the best on preventing pimples from forming it does work pretty well on healing acne scars. I've been using it on my face and pretty much all of my scars are gone. (It hasn't worked as well on my back though) It can sting a bit when you first apply it, but I usually crush a bit of advil or get the gel out of the ibprofen gels and mix that in before applying it which seems to help. Good luck! ;]