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  1. its easy to dx yourself from reading everything on the internet. My cystic acne was so bad that when I started, my derm. put me on 100mg. When I moved, my new derm never heard of using spiro for acne, and I see my regular doctor for spiro.
  2. I don't have acnee, I have really oily skin and scalp. ( I mean really oily scalp ) I've been on Spiro for 3 weeks now ( 25 mg the first 2 weeks and 50 mg for the past 8 days...so far, no results...and I've been spotting all the time.) :rolleyes: Cannot take birth control pills because of too many cancer risks ( familly history of breast cancer ) :rolleyes: I have been on spiro for almost 4 years. off and on. no long term effects yet, just clear skin. the momnet I go off it all comes
  3. If you get it injected by the derm it will be gone in a day or two. Ice doesn't work for me either. I agree with the warm compress.
  4. I forget what brand I use, but it says that the oil has been filtered. It comes in a spray bottle, and I spray one squirt into my hands, rub them together and rub on my face. Ever since I have been using Jojoba, my face has got really dry
  5. I use Origins Modern Friction, and after a few uses it seems like some blackheads are just about to fall out of my face! I wouldn't use it if you have sensitive skin.
  6. whenever I had injections from the derm, the cyst never returned to that spot
  7. It seems that I have gone through all the same meds you have. I am 29 and have acne since 13. I went through the Proactiv stage too. It has taken a lot of time for me to find a system that has kept my acne minimal. Nuetrogena Clear pore, and Acne stress products work great for me, and so has Jojoba oil. The derm put me on Spironlactone (females only, I think) and a supplement with zinc and selenium. I hope you find something soon that works for you.
  8. For me, if it lasts more than a week, its a cysts. I have also had them come back where one use to be. As for the fore head, are you using any hair products that could clog your pores? I like Cetaphil cleanser. A nurse at the derm told me thats what she uses and she likes it. So I tried it and I really like it.
  9. It never worked for my cysts. It seemed to irratate my skin
  10. call the office where you got the shot. I don't think it would effect it, but as nurse would know more
  11. Getting those things done while Accutane can cause scarring. I wouldn't pick or pop anything while on that med.
  12. I have very oily skin, and I started with the Jojoba oil. I love it. No oil anymore. Only problem is, my skin is starting to become flaky. Its not peeling, just flaky. Makeup looks awful on top of it! Has this happened to anyone else?
  13. I use this http://www.smashbox.com/ANTI-SHINE_2 I know what you mean about being shiny in photos. This really works for me
  14. Oh, I can relate to the "You should wash your face" bs 15 years ago, I told my neighbor he should pop this big whitehead on his face, and he said he didn't want his face to end up looking like mine. (this was before my first run with Accutane, and my whole face were cysts)
  15. I have very oily skin, and after reading all the reviews on Jojoba oil I bought some and it works great for me. It actually is drying out my skin. I have never had dry skin before and I love it