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  1. Read it in a book yesterday that apples are one of the least acidic fruits available.... Maybe I will check my sources....
  2. Been on hemp protein everyday for about a month. Doesnt make me feel also full and bloated like Muscle Milk did.
  3. Affects sleep, even if you get 8 hours, it s more like 6, and u cna feel it. Also, over eating is so easy to do when high. Make sure to smoke before 8pm, and eat first. And tell yourself "no food!"
  4. mmm. Apples are NOT acidy* or whatever. Oranges, tropical fruits are. ACV helps detox your colon when you drink it. Your probably just having a flair up because your body isn't used to it. I broke out on organic foods, lol. Give it time, AVC is wonderful. Don't make any judgments for at least one week. Cuz in the end, its going to help you And yes our body will naturally detox, but in our current eating trends, our bodies can't handle that. We are not meant to consume fast food, trans fat,
  5. Fasting lets the toxins out, which will cause initally a breakout for some. It probably wasn't the fruit. When your done fasting, make sure you take care of your liver by taking milk thistle and drinking dandelion root tea. Don't over eat.
  6. On your deathbed, cuz someday you will be there. Do you want to look back at life and realize you've lost years of your life to something that does not matter AT ALL? First post in a long time! I have my life back, and I still have pimples. Though my face looks much better then from a year ago. Read on. Now, let me start off by saying I would prefer NOT to have acne, but then again, I would also prefer to own a private jet. I started getting pimples about 18months ago, which devastate
  7. Thank you for the replies, and yes in 2 weeks I'm seeing my mothers "witch doctor." Going to see what foods I'm allergic too! And that website seems way tight, I'll check it.
  8. My aunt just tolled me that oats have gluten in them. Fuck! I love granola sooooooo much. Any thoughts on this? Do you guys ever eat oats and such? I buy my granola from rainbow or my co-op, almond organic granola. I feel like I just lost a child. A yummy child.
  9. I'm a huge MMA fan and have you even seen a mixed martial artist with any sort of acne or bacne? Nope. Those guys workout like no one else and eat really well.
  10. Even if that's true, I think the stress relieving factor would out weight the hormonal change.
  11. Hey, nice pic, you're a cutie!


  12. I played video games at a high level all through high school and had not a single pimple. Since I started to get acne I quit playing games, but the acne is still there.(10months) Mmmmmmmm. Video games make me happy, and what is the number one acne killer? happiness! I think tonight I'll boot up the 360, get a couple of aces in S&D. And nothing spells 'rape' like mp44 headshot through your 16! Oh yea, p90sd with Juggy causes acne. That's a fact. Don't use it.
  13. Yes they will fade, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a year. www.puredeming.com A lot of people have good results certain products they have. Good luck! And yes they will fade!
  14. I definitely did, all guys should be as nice as you.