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  1. omg thanks for the support, i appriciate it, im in my youth now and i just mainly have scars now, ugh, anyways thanks :) oh and i went to therapy for acne problems, my parents forced me, youu can read all about my story in my blog, i have a long post about the therapy ughh Glad to hear from ya :) I know therapy has a bit of a stigma attached to it (for obvious reasons), but in alot of cases it can be really useful. I'm about to start some CBT soon myself, and hopefully will be getting
  2. I'm just going to bump this for old time's sake The original point I still think holds true even to this day.
  3. Rosacea on/off Stomach problems (possible IBS?) scar on face Social Anxiety (although steadily sorting this out) 140 Ibs @ 6"1 - too thin basically I hear ya about being too thin (relative to height of course), It's a real pain but I'm actually sort of getting to use to the whole idea at the moment surprisingly. Will still try my best to put on some healthy mass but I'm not going to stress out about it.
  4. im enbarassed to telll my parents ...welll my mom ..i have no dad You may want to consider a school counselor if you don't feel confident in talking to your mom about it, or failing that any adult that you feel you can trust. If you truly feel that SA is becoming overwhelming to you, keeping it to yourself is not a good option to take. Therapy may be a good option - although you guys state-side have to pay for it last I heard. Us Brits (not to rub it in) get it free but usually ha
  5. Are you guys getting any help for your Social Anxiety?
  6. I'm going to have to mirror what was said in this post OP. No cyst is worth losing a chunk of your nose over. But if you really must, at the very least get a professional to do it.
  7. "you realize that it's more than just your skin that's the problem." I think that's the real kicker. Once 'free' or there abouts; we assume everything will be back to where it had been - little knowing that as we had sat idly by watching the world go past it had changed irrevocably. Now I'm guessing this whole thread must sound really down-beat to any passers by, but don't let it be. To those who can't even relate or those that are only knee deep, you have an opportunity to nip this in the bud
  8. Since you've asked lol: -A green smoothie a day (spinach, 2 bananas, flax seed and grapes(optional) ) -No Junk (sugar, fried and deep fried foods) -No Dairy! (This comes up again and again when people start trying to cure acne with a dietary approach - and with good reason! ) -Eat as much whole food as possible (minimumly processed) -Prepare your grain before eating (soak them in water for about 12 hours) -Smoking is obvious no no. (2nd hand should also be avoided) -exercise regularly (10-1
  9. I'm glad I managed to leave a suitable impression on ya Elsewhere. ;)
  10. Wow what an unexpected and large response, I wasn't expecting this when I logged in I've gotta say. To King & Marall, I'm sorry you guys are in the same boat as me - SA seems to be another challenge that we must now face. But you know what, I'm really eager to sort this shit out. After coming out from the other side of all the crap that we've gone through, I can't see anything fazing us. Strangely enough though, I had a feeling that some of you guys here on the Org may have SA or similar s
  11. First off try and not stress out about the situation. You can think clearer in a calm state of mind and not to mention it's just plain better for you. Ok then, it sounds to me like you're eating to sort of fill a gap - eating so much that you practically numb yourself to what you're currently feeling - I'm guilty of doing the same a while back (and from time to time now lol). My best piece of advice I can give you is to schedule 3 meals a day and force yourself not to eat any time else. Of cours
  12. No takers eh It would seem my brutal honesty is a tad to much of me to take in the one sitting. Ah well, the message still stays the same though: Don't waste your time beating yourself up over acne (as hard as this can be) - you have one life to live and you should make the most of it!
  13. Where to begin... I was a sort of infrequent poster on these boards, first joined in 2008 and then had a large absence - up till now of course. Why then have I returned like the org's very own prodigal son I hear you ask? Well seeing as I'm I'm older and wiser I've come to impart some advice to you young un's ( I realise saying that I'm probably still younger than a lot of you lol ) But yeah, I guess I stopped my limited contribution here because I wanted to focus on my exams that I had comin
  14. In my experience yes. Like Deadmau5 mentioned, cutting out dairy sweets is the best initial step.
  15. Prepare yourself for a long post. *deep breath* First things first, I've got to warn you that this approach isn't for the faint hearted or the weak of spirit. The reason I say that is because it involves making permenant dietary and lifestyle changes that can take a bit of getting use to - and sadly there are some people (myself included) who get worse skin initially before it gets better. There is alot of theory behind this approach, but I'm not going to bore you, and it's not needed or eve
  16. Man, I haven't posted on this forum for an age... Your post fills me with my own past feeling's of frustration and sadness - of a time when I too struggled badly with the skin condition that we all here are familiar with. Can I give you one piece of advice? Ok well maybe two pieces. First, please try coming off dairy and to a lesser degree sweets and fried foods - they are the very worse skin wise. Diet gets sniffed at from some corners, but it really is the ultimate cure - at least in my experi
  17. Funnily enough I have a scar on my face, it sort of skews the score. mine's small-ish I guess near the top of my nose, but still causes me alot of anxiety. Everything else is relatively minor, I've got rosacea, but that's largely under control most of the time. So acne=2 scaring=6 redness=3
  18. Regardless of what some ignorant derms will have you believe - while pushing on to you an expensive pill I might add - is that food does have an effect on skin (at the very least indirectly) Sugary and deep fried are the absolute worse for it. Here's a few tips: -When food shopping don't buy junk. Simple I know, but buying it in the first place and storing it on the shelf is the initial step before eating it. You're going to need alternatives though, because no matter how disciplined you are,
  19. err, probs the last one. ...no homo though lol. If it means anything I'm part Asian myself, and thats the style that I would probably get given the choice. Sadly my hair tends to grow quite thick relatively quickly, so I probably couldn't pull it off.
  20. Exactly what I do. I mix in a bit of LA ROCHE POSAY Hydreane Teinte--- a tinted moisturizer-- into my Complex 15 moisturizer and it's subtle enough that others can't notice it. It just evens out your skin tone and makes my face look less red. Perfect for Accutane users too because it's incredibly hydrating, all day long. Apart from that I wouldn't touch any makeup but I consider a tinted moisturizer to be just that-- a moisturizer-- and not makeup. Ah ok then, you have a point there with
  21. While I can emphasize with the notion of looking towards the long term - I think your concern is a tad bit misplaced - we're living in an age where the people of our generation are binge drinking, smoking and doing all sorts of weird and wonderful drugs. Simply putting some powder on your face, in light of that stuff is a lot less significant don't you think?
  22. A very heated discussion taking place in here I'll just preface my thoughts on the issue with the point that was raised earlier - makeup is not intrinsically masculine or feminine, that being said it's more commonly associated with the latter and alot more socially acceptable for females. But, these things change, it wasn't (relatively speaking) long ago that men were wearing it - 18th Century and the like. I mean, about a hundred years or so ago it was not acceptable for woman to wear trouser
  23. No, you're certainly not the only one. My main problem these days is scarring left over from severe acne but almost all the skin on my face is also covered in enlarged/scarred pores, marks, blackheads and just generally looks horrible. It's great isn't it? Don't get me wrong, I'm more grateful than words can describe to have finally gotten rid of the acne but at least back then I thought I didn't have a permanent problem (though granted, after suffering for 10 years at times it felt pretty perma