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  1. yeah they do have one. do u know the brand "neostrata"?? they have TONS of glycolic products, like cleanser, toner, and a moisterizer , their products are amazing
  2. which is better to get rid of redmarks? Glycolic acid?? or Apple cider vinegar?? the glycolic being only 8%?? thanks
  3. hey i just bought some today.. wow cheap.. its like 30 mls for 8 bucks..neways.. do u just wash your face.. n dab the oil on it afterwards??
  4. ^^ i totally agree.. im also using the neostrata 8% Daytime Mattifying Renewal Fluid .. its good stuff, and not TO strong for sensitive skin, and they also have other moisterizer in 4%
  5. AlexAlmighty i think i need some pictures to prove this..with the date n time.. just to make sure your not lying haha neways, my red marks never seem to fade until i use glycolic acid.. im in love with it
  6. hey. im using a glycolic wash, toner, n moisterizer.. the wash is 4% the toner 8% and the moisterizer.. also 8%, and i wanted to try something a little stronger.. but i couldnt find nething OTC, what product brand are u using?
  7. ^^ hahaha no it doesnt.. does it? tons of ppls say like 3 months.. maybe just cause your a lucky one
  8. u should try a product with glycolic acid in it.. worked WONDERs for me.. in.. about 2 months?? amAZIng!
  9. ^^ for the asprin mask. u just gotta dissolve some asprin.. usually 6-8 (uncoated) in some water (altho other people use other liquid too) and then leave it on until dry, 15-30 mins, and then wash it off. also. to add to your list. for oily skin, u could use a milk of magnesia mask.
  10. i've never seen any OTC products that have a higher percentage of SA than 2%. what brands have u seen that has 5-10% SA?
  11. hey. i just wanted to let u know that i used the aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming cleanser.. and its a LITTLE drying.. but other than that.. its actually pretty good, and very foamy.. and if u do try the St.Ives scrub.. lemme know how that goes. cuz i also wanted to try that
  12. ^^ yeah pretty much.. remember to shake the bottle first tho.