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  1. It's been at least a year since I last ordered Acne.org moisturizer. My recent order arrived today and I was surprised to see the moisturizer is yellow. Is this normal?
  2. Matt, I have been using a product for 8+ years for chronically dry lips and have had no problems. It can be seen here: http://www.chapstick.com/natural/index.asp and can be purchased at Wal-Mart and drug stores. However, I use mine constantly so I buy them on bulk on eBay. I highly recommend trying them.
  3. So, I know I've seen this discussed here and there over the internet but now that I want to read more, I can't seem to find much via Google searches. Could someone please point me towards some past threads that discuss this? For years I have had issues with various foundations "beading up" like rubber cement. The only consistant thing I have done on my face over the years is use moisturizer, and I'm pretty sure that's the culprit. This is happening with the Regimen even though I am using a
  4. Rakton, glad to hear that you too have had some success. I wish you luck on your hard-to-kill areas too. Siouxsie, I searched on Google and couldn't find a definition for comedal acne but I *think* it's what I have: every single pore on my chin seems to be a tiny raised bump, sometimes larger that become whiteheads. I liken the texture of the skin to sandpaper when it is streched tight (like, if I pull my bottom lip into my mouth and make my chin flat). Is this comedal acne? If so, I am mo
  5. So, I've been on the Reg. for about two months: cleanser, BP treatment, and moisturizer. (Tried the jojoba but I had a mild itching reaction). I have combination skin, am extremely fair, and my issue (before the Regimen) was my T-zone. My acne was mild-moderate; not severe by any means. It has 90% cleared up; I have the occassional forehead blemish but I have been thrilled that my cheeks, nose, and forehead have become virtually acne-free. The problem is my chin. I have increased and inc
  6. I'm bumping this up because I have a new question. I've returned the jojoba oil (caused itching) and stuck it out with the moisturizer, which is working better now without the jojoba. I struggle a bit to keep my face soft with no flaking, but so far I am just managing it. Problem: still having acne on my arms and chin. (Cheek, forehead, and chest acne has all but dissapeared, YAY! ) I think my problem may be exfoliation, particularly the arms. Someone earlier had suggested:
  7. So...I've been on the Regimen since late May. I've seen a definite decrease in the acne on my cheeks and forehead--am still struggling with chin acne (my worst spot) but I'm optimistic. I'm having three issues, one with the BP and two with the moisturizing. #1: Flakiness. I'm sure this has been discussed in detail in the past. I cannot possibly moisturize in those areas any more than I am. When this happens, should you back off the BP in that area until it goes away? Should I be exfolia
  8. I have mild/moderate acne and have tried Proactive, Mary Kay, and Nutrogena without success. I have issues with resting my chin on my hands and not-so-coincidentally, my chin is my worst area. This will involve some habit breaking too! I just ordered the complete Regimen set and am encouraged to try it, especially the Jojoba oil. One question: can these products be used for body acne as well? I struggle with acne on my chest, upper back, and arms. Or should I stick with a quality natural