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  1. if your face is as dry as you say it is, i would definately cut back on using BP everynight and apply it every other night. also use the 2.5% until your face gets back to normal. your face being dry does not help acne, your skin creates more oil to hydrate your skin which can make it worse
  2. start applying neosporin. apply it so that its on all day. that will help it heal faster and help prevent scarring
  3. you should put neosporin on it. apply it whenever you can and dont play with it. i always see improvement within a cpl of days when i use neosporin
  4. ok so ive decided i am going to purchase the Nucelle Madelic acid 10%. I am thinking that i will apply it at night after my cleansing since i do not apply anything else. My problem is alot of blackheads all over my face. They are not that noticeable unless you are inches from my skin. I also have cystic acne that appears once a week but nothing too bad. Is MA a good choice to get rid of blackheads?
  5. i used a liquid and it was terrible for my face. i always had more acne after i put it on. I then changed to BE mineral makeup and my face looks great with it on and i have significantly less acne. i have had good results with BE, as well as my sister too.
  6. excercise helped my acne drastically. when i worked out everyday my face was clear. since stopping and working out every now and then, my face has got much worse
  7. i use the crest whitestrips that last 14 days. i usually did one a day and if i had time i would do 2. for me they work great and the taste does not bother me. at first they made my gums sensitive and then i switched to once a day. i love them and do them once a year.
  8. i useglycolic acid first, wait at least 5 minutes, then apply my topical
  9. try using the baby brush method. there is a thread dedicated on it, just use the search
  10. very good advice. i will add stop picking and touching!! i recently stopped and my face has improved greatly. no red spots and the acne i had went away much faster. try to be more conscious of touching your face. like previous said, everyone is different and different things work for different people. diet does not effect my acne at all. if i work out ( intensely and sweat ) my face improves. i also have seen a derm which has prescribed an antibiotic ( to take during my period time ) and a top
  11. you can try either a baking soda mask or aspirin honey mask. you can do a search to find out more info, or try googling it
  12. baby brush thread: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/The-offic...ng-t140618.html it is a lengthy thread but the first cpl of pages sums it up.
  13. one thing my derm told me was stop picking and stop touching my face. i never listened and 3 days ago ( yrs after seeing this derm ) and i stoppped touching my face. my face has improved immensely. the little acne i had, disappeared in two days rather than weeks. left little or no marks and i have not got anything new. i also started using the baby brush method which leaves my skin feeling soft and smoother. excercising is also great for getting rid of acne.
  14. i used this mask consistently for two weeks. My blackheads on my nose and cheeks were what i was trying to get rid of and my cheeks had larger pores than any other part of my face. After using the mask my blackheads were disappearing making my pores look smaller. They still look smaller a cpl weeks after doing it daily. Now i do it once a week. It burns a little at first but i can keep it on for about 10 min. Try googling it or searching on the website for more info. Just mix a little water
  15. Ive read on other members regimen that they "ice their face." What exactly does icing your face do and when do you ice it?