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  1. People would probably notice you're a dude wearing make up before they notice your acne, not meaning to be rude, but you probably shouldn't wear it, it's not going to help the acne at all, if anything it's just gonna make it worse.
  2. I do not promote drug use blah blah I smoke the green 2-6 times a day, and haven't found any correlation in the time I smoke in comparison to my acne. I had stopped for two weeks at the end of the school year to study for exams, and noticed no difference. The main thing is being able to control your munchies, carrots tend to actually be quite satisfying, for me anyway. I also made the agreement with myself to do 50-100 of each push ups and sit ups every time I blaze by myself, so I can get ripp
  3. I don't eat many processed foods, quit making assumptions. I was totally doing good with this no/minimal sugar thing, then when I got home my mother had baked a large cake =\ I've got a weak will power.
  4. I just didn't think it was funny, not like because of what it was, I just thought it was poorly written comedy.
  5. Ugth, I will never touch a diet drink or anything with artificial sweeteners. I don't drink pop very often so it's not a worry.
  6. Hmm, well I already rarely eat white bread or similar things, the majority, if not all, of my grains are multigrain. The only sugar I've had today is that which was preadded to the granola I had for breakfast. Well, it was sweetened with agave, which is some kind of nectar or something, I don't know if it's something I should avoid or not.
  7. I don't think it's possible for me to abstain from grains, like sugars I can see it being possible, but no grains and I'd be constantly hungry, I don't eat enough other food to make up for grains.
  8. Soo.. Is this possible? I have no idea how I'd be able to do this, but it's like one of the few things I have yet to try.
  9. This, I'd frantically rub my face under disbelief of how good it feels.
  10. butter = god unfortunately my house contains only margarine unless there is a plan to cook something which demands butter be used (and rightfully so). I live in the house hold where the assumption is made any fat and any salt kills instantly, though that doesn't explain why we get margarine.. To rid butter of milk solids simply simmer it for a while, on 30% or less max heat of a stovetop, and they will just float to the top, scoop off with a spoon and pour the butter into a small container and
  11. Yikes r u sure?? I did try rice milk but he didn't like it. I'll have to read more about soy products and estrogen levels in males. I am not sure, I remember hearing it but I do not know any specifics, it was in the back of my head. Though I'm sure it's safe to be skeptical about anything that's supposed to replace something else and look it up. Edit: I've looked around, and can't find a strait answer. Everything concerning it seems to be bias, soy milk websites flamboyantly waving s
  12. ^ Though I pluck my eyebrows, and I'm a dude. No, I don't pluck them to shape them in some way, I pluck them because I have a light unibrow which bugs me.
  13. Truth, I was antisocial for a while because of acne. Then I found out that you care about what you look like more than anyone else. I found out when I'm walking around 90% of the population has their eyes fixated to the ground, most likely thinking "Oh god that guy saw how terrible I look".
  14. Some random chick on facebook saying I was hot *mod edit read board rules* What, I wasn't promoting drug use, just that specific drug does infact give me a huge confidence boost because it lets me open up, which I normally don't do. Also, I just thoroughly read the rules and I do not know which rule I am breaking by saying sluts are a confidence booster?