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  1. grad pics suck :(:( worst ever...thanks for being nice though ..i live in Santry! woo x

  2. I live in sutton, it,'s near howth.what about you?(stalker alert)nice grad pics!

  3. I was hoping this thread was gonna start "or atleast I thought he was a guy"
  4. coffeejunkie u sed before that you live in north dublin,for some reason i think i'm gonna run into you in a club or something,but you won't know what i look like hahA
  5. i know how you feel dats well harsh,you should 've asked her what happened to her manners?
  6. i will definetly have kids,like an army of them!i wouldn't worry about my kids having acne,atleast if they do i'll be there for them and will be able to understand how they feel
  7. Is it a good idea to shave regurlarly?i always thought the less irritation my skin got the better but does the hair stop my skin from breathing?
  8. afaik it has been proven that there is link between dairy and acne,i have cut out dairy and seen a big improvement in skin and i know many ppl on here have said the same.i think it mainly applies to hormonal acne though
  9. everyone here is well goodlooking,its cool to see a few Irish people(i'm a dub myself) stellermagic ur hot coffeejunkie ur a cracker rj 14 u look like u'd have no bother with dat birds
  10. what is acv and where do you get it?I know what apples ,cider and vinnegar are,is it just a combo of the 3?
  11. If it makes you feel better just go for it,theres nothing wrong with a little manscaping now and then