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  1. Hi I see you're from London, just wondering, which baby brush do you use? I know there's one from Boots but I was wondering if it was any good...

  2. you may find a 2 blade disposal better as it provides minimal irritation compared to electric, its recommended by Dan, i use a natural shaving cream aswell
  3. looks like u may have rosacea, check out the rosacea and redness forum, ul prob find what ur lookin for
  4. fish oil capsules broke me out horribly, im sure u get enough fish in ur diet as ur chinese so i dont think the capsules are necessary. try brown rice as an alternative to normal rice. cut down on gluten and wheat. ur already doing a good job cutting out dairy and crap, keep it up
  5. for the rockers out there enjoy destory - cities dishwalla - coral sky crazy band name awsome song. album arts pretty damn sexy aswell vonray - inside out tune
  6. hahahahaha, made me giggle :clap: what ur thinkin of is a diary. dairy is milk, cheese etc. its a common breakout trigger
  7. what the hell is smooshable hair lol, sounds good tho used to eat lots of pizza, fast food, chocolate, sweets, loads of bread, LOTS of beer, not much fruit n veg, crap basically. the lamp aint made much of a difference so i wouldnt recommend it for its high price. with the anew wipes, look at the product on their web to check out the reviews, cant really tell you more than it has gycolic acid in. mix sea salt with warm water, splash face, dip brush in water to minimize friction.
  8. minocycline did shit for me, had 2 sessions of it. i cleared my moderate acne holistically
  9. i would give her a big high 5 as shes given me a new perspective on life and has helped me see past peoples physical flaws. Before i had acne I was quite judgmental on peoples looks, now im obv not, i wouldn’t care if i dated a girl with acne or whatever so i guess its made me a better person, sure iv missed out on some good teenage years but i think my new outlook on life can only help me. Obv id be glad if everyone didn’t have acne because of the emotional pain it causes especially sui
  10. i would say get checked out for the following before you start any major diet changes: gluten intolerance sensitive to wheat candida overgrowth dunno if you can get checked out for dairy sensitivity so i would cut out all dairy now. i have rice milk in my cereal and prefer the taste. these things helped me out, check out my sig aswell oil cleansing method green smoothie baby brush method apple cider vinegar good researched articles
  11. freederm did shit for me, not a good product imo
  12. I dont know why ur worrying bout ur looks ur extremely hot, seen ur pics in the emo section and wow!! people asked you to post more pictures, what do you think that says? iv had councelling before, didnt really do much, was around the time i was doing my exams aswell. i always used to cancel going out basically stayed in coz of my skin or was too tired and i can tell you you will feel better when you go out instead of stayin in, youre mates will make you feel better. i always regretted it the f