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  1. So I'm in. I had my farewell meal for lunch today (Mexican). I went to the grocery afterward and picked up a bunch of paleo-friendly items. For dinner I cooked some bell peppers and mushrooms in a skillet with coconut oil. Scrambled 3 brown organic eggs and mixed the two together. Strawberries and orange slices. The meal was pretty delicious actually and I didn't feel like crap afterwards (the typical feeling after ingesting shitty fastfood). I did add a bit sea salt and pepper to the eggs and
  2. From my understanding, unless you are completely clear and the acne seems to be in a form of remission, adding in more chemicals will only aggravate the acne more. I understand your concern but I'm just pointing out that you should be very careful with whatever new products you're adding along with the regimen! I wish you the best of luck! :]
  3. Well, when you change products you run the risk of breaking out due to different chemicals/ingredients in them. I'm not sure you'll really be able to pinpoint which one is the issue unless you used it for a bit longer. From my experience, however, breakouts are normal during the first couple of weeks on the regimen. New products usually take a few days to effect your skin in a way that you would pick up on immediately. Then again, it's also possible that you're having a reaction to the new moist
  4. all i have to say is high five for sigur ros!

  5. Hullo. How's Tokyo? Neutrogena On The Spot is a bit lacking in my opinion. It's also a cream which dries rather quickly compared to Dan's BP which is a gel and spreads a lot better. You also don't get that pale skin tone creams tend to leave behind. Anyway, try not to over-wash your face. The regimen was only meant to be done twice a day, no matter how oily you feel your skin is.
  6. First off, I think you deserve "Mother of the Year" award for actually caring about what really goes into having acne as a child. My parents didn't seem to care what was happening to my social life when my acne was at its worse. Anyway, to answer your questions: "Has Dan's regimen been used on children as young as 11?" Age 11-12 seems to be the appropriate age for kids coming into puberty, etc. I think Dan's Regimen would be fine if used on an 11 year old. "If so, does the regiment need
  7. I see tons of improvement in your pictures. It's definitely working brandonn. A few more months and you'll be completely clear mate.
  8. As long as you, personally, can see progress, then you're doing well. From reading your past comments I know you're concerned about the rate at which your acne is improving or not improving. Just to give you a rough time line, from having my acne at almost its worst, it took me 4-5 months to get completely clear. You're doing great. :] Keep at it.
  9. oi i'm just doing it here cos i'm at work. but remind me to tell you something. code word can be... yeh i don't have one but remind me

  10. To combat the flakes/dryness, I would personally look into jojoba oil. It solved my problem and I've been a regimen user for a year and a few months now.
  11. Just a few points: Try not to combine/mix different products/brands with each other because the results can lead to very irritated skin. Also, Proactiv has fragrance and several unnecessary ingredients in their products which can irritate the skin and cause breakouts. As for choosing a new BP, I didn't agree with most otc products. They're either too creamy, too high a percentage of benzoyl peroxide (finding a 2.5% BP is very important) or make you quite pale after everything dries. Dan's BP
  12. After cleansing your face with a very mild cleanser (cetaphil gentle skin wash, purpose gentle cleanser, etc) you can try applying to each specific spot a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide or AHA lotion. Try not to pick at those few breakouts as that can lead to even more spots. Wash your hands before touching your face. Hope that helps!
  13. I was on Proactiv for about 2-3 years as well. It helped me quite a bit in the beginning but after a few years of use the effectiveness wore off. Keep in mind, these are topical medications and they are certainly not a cure. If you stop using them and your body isn't done with its "acne cycle" then your acne will return and sometimes it's much worse when it does. Being in your current situation, there are some options. Try a new regimen. I found this website and decided I'd try out Dan's Reg
  14. Well hopefully this thread will also put an end to people who "bully" and "mock" other peoples ideas and or beliefs as well. Because I've seen this happen a few times...it would be nice if we could all be respectful of others I can agree with you to some extent but there are no laws that state "mocking" or "bullying" as federal offenses. If you can't take people's responses with a grain of salt you do not need to be on the internet. There are ALWAYS going to be people that simply want to prov