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  1. I know how you feel. Yes there is a God, but he doesn't promise that things are gonna be great for us. And what French Affiar said is not right. We can't earn our way to heaven by being strong in our faith. If we simply recognize that we are filthy sinners, and ask God to come in our hearts.....we go to heaven. Jesus died for us on the cross, by God's grace we enter heaven. We don't get to heaven by good works or strong faith, and there's nothing we can do to make God quit loving us. I s
  2. i agree with micro..for some people having acne does change their outlook on life...i had a huge ego before, and now the lord has humbled me and made me very sensitive towards other people's feelings..it still sucks though having it
  3. does any body know anything about epidermx? My face is very red and has red dots (old acne) on it...so i didnt know if this would be good for it..i'm thinking about ordering it...
  4. While i'm on the regimen my face loses its shape or features rather. It gets red where i apply the bp and kinda swells....but the zits are gone, juust red spots and swelling..anyboyd know what to do?