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  1. Thanks Iliad - most people like to focus on the negatives rather than the positives, and because the media are always sifting for a story they have done bad stories on Roaccutane in the past just because the day is a slow news day... Day 120: Exams are coming soon... eek! Graduating in a couple of weeks though so that's always good My skin is pretty awesome and has been for the past couple of weeks - one problem I've been having a lot lately is that I'm getting folliculitis REALLY easily - if
  2. Day 109: Really haven't updated this in a while... haha Just letting you know my face has cleared up a stackload - still got a few marks, and my face is quite red, but I'm sure they'll subside after I stop taking the pills - only one more repeat to go!! I've had a few mini break outs but nothing major, so i'm pretty happy ill keep this updated a bit more often as i come closer to the end!
  3. How's it all going for you now?
  4. Day 23: Well all I can say is that the side effects have definitely kicked in!! I've got a sore back, sore knees, really dry lips, dry nose, dry dry DRY face (peeling under my lips even after moisturising) and I'm sure there's more to come... but my skin is actually looking really good - only 1/2 actives. I'll try and post some pics soon. Does anyone know of any good moisturisers that'll stop my skin from drying out during the day? It only stays moisturised for about an hour before it starts d
  5. Day 15: My skin was clear surprisingly up until two days ago - now I've got a few spots just under the left side of my chin and the biggest whitehead I've ever seen just under the left side of my lip... argh!! I couldn't stand it last night so I did what you're not supposed to do and picked at it... I'd rather have a scar that'll fade than a massive whitehead on my face!! I think my IB's about to start... eek. Well my acne wasn't too bad in the first place so hopefully this IS my IB! Oh and my
  6. Thanks for the reply Siava I just had a look through a pack the derm gave me and whaddya know - there's a little bottle of Aveeno in there! I just tried it before and it feels a lot better than the Neutrogena moisturiser I've been using - it seems to feel a lot thicker/not as diluted as the Neutrogena. Don't know if that's possible but that's the only way I can think of describing it! Is the Cetaphil moisturiser good? I'm currently using Cetaphil cleanser but if you can recommend the moisturi
  7. Day 9: Still sick. Skinwise it's looking good actually. Still dry, and still really hard to keep moisturised argh. Does anyone know of any good tricks to keep my skin moisturised throughout the day without drying out? It's frustrating!! Oh and I think I might start posting whenever there's a big change/every week rather than daily - I've pretty much been saying the same stuff over and over again. So expect my next post on day 14! Hope everyone elses treatments are going swell!
  8. Day 8: Lips starting to become really dry.. arghhh. My skin actually looks good now though - I still have blemishes, but it's definitely smoother. I have a fever because I'm still sick, so my face has been boiling all day. Don't think that's anything to do with the Accutane though - I think it's just my flu! But yeah my face is pretty red today. Oh and I had to put moisturiser on THREE TIMES this morning because my skin kept drying out! I hope this doesn't get any worse...
  9. Day 7: Nothing much to report.. skin's getting drier eek. I just got home and found that my skin was peeling a fair bit on the right side under my mouth where I have a blemish and also under the folds of my nose :S My nose is the thing that's really annoying me currently - it's so ITCHY in the folds!! Vaseline is even starting to fail in regards to soothing it... gah. So far so good though. Glad it's not any worse!
  10. Thanks guys I've been trying the Vaseline trick the past couple of nights and last night in particular it worked well - my nose wasn't even sore this morning! Day 6: Skin was a bit dry in the morning. I had a shower and cleansed my face and now my skin isn't dry at all, but I haven't shaved yet so we'll see in an hour or two... hehe. My existing spots have pretty much nearly gone now, which is a surprise. I've got mild/moderate acne, so my skin is nowhere near as bad as some others, but I've
  11. Day 5: I'm coming down with the flu. But other than that I can feel a few spots coming up under my nose, and my skin is still as dry as it was yesterday. Nothing moisturiser can't handle though. The insides of my nose are sore too.. not sure if this is from dryness or if it's from spots that are about to come up from my skin. Either way I'll know in a few days!! In general I'm coping though - just hoping the side effects don't get any worse!
  12. Day 4: My face has definitely started to dry up - under my nose and above my chin were all dry and ITCHY this morning even after I moisturised argh. The insides of my nose feel like they're beginning to dry up too.. better get the Vaseline me thinks. I also noticed two new spots - not big at all, but they're both really itchy grr. I felt like crap today too.. dunno if that's from the pills but I've been really irritable for no reason. Oh well.. here's for my next pill!
  13. Yeah I'm on day three. I've had a bit of dry skin, but I think I'm just being paranoid How much are you on? I'm on 60mg - 20mg three times a day. Good luck with it!!
  14. Day 3: Forgot to take my tablet this morning.. whoops! I did notice my skin was slightly dry when I woke up, but it was nothing major. My shoulder's fine now so the pain I was experiencing turned out to be a coincidence haha! My skin is still looking the same, by the way. Not expecting any miracles to happen any time soon! Just dreading the nearly inevitable IB... eek. Currently I'm cleansing my skin and putting on moisturiser before I go to bed, and moisturiser again in the morning, which so
  15. Hi guys! Thought I might just keep a log to help others going through or thinking about going through treatment. I'll try and update this as much as possible I started taking it yesterday and I didn't really feel any different/notice any change, which of course was what I expected. I did however notice that my right shoulder started to ache, and it's still sore today, but that could just be a coincidence. This morning I haven't noticed a change either - I still have a few spots that have bee